Understanding Your Resources

Recovery from severe brain injury and DoC may require many months and years. Thus, you and your loved one will need to make sure you have the financial, social, medical, and community resources available to support your needs long term. There are many organizations and resources available to help you and your family in the short and long term.

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Decision Making: What Are Some Resources to Understand Decision Making for My Loved One?

Decision making for my loved one with severe brain injury

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Discharge Planning and Tips: What Do I Need to Know When They Say My Loved One Needs to Be Discharged?

What to know when your loved one with a disorder of consciousness is discharged from the hospital

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Advocacy and Abuse

Advocacy tips and how to recognize and report abuse of a person with a disorder of consciousness

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Help with Finances: What Do I Need to Know About Getting Help with My Finances?

Information and resources about finances after severe brain injury

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Support Groups: Are There Support Groups Available that Understand Brain Injury?

Support groups for loved ones with severe brain injury

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Caregiver Websites

A list of organizations and websites for caregivers and those caring for loved ones with severe brain injury

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Other Resources and Books About Brain Injury

Resources and Books About Brain Injury

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