Taking Care of Myself

Although it is often difficult to think about your own physical and psychological needs in the wake of a loved one’s severe brain injury, taking care of yourself and your family during this incredibly stressful time is crucial. It’s important to focus on self-care and keeping yourself healthy so you can better provide care and support for your loved one after brain injury.

A woman cradles her head in her hands, exhausted

What Is Caregiver Fatigue and Burnout?

Burnout, fatigue, and exhaustion experienced while caregiving for a loved one with a severe brain injury

One black man holds the hand of an older black man in a hospital bed

How Will My Loved One’s Injury Impact Me and My Family?

Brain injury can impact your entire family including spouses, parents, children, aunts, and uncles.

lose up of two senior women holding hands in a support group

Have Other Families Experienced Disorders of Consciousness?

The importance of finding support from other families who have experienced disorders of consciousness