The Truth About Divorce After Traumatic Brain Injury

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I had a brain injury in 2008, I was in hospital and physiotherapy for 6 months,I wasn't married but as my girlfriend of 2 years was there for me I decided to marry her that will come back to backfire on me. I was a party man and was out all the time plus I followed my football team all over the country. After the accident I had to learn how to walk and talk again as I was paralysed down one side of the body.
The girl , knew what she was getting into as we didn't get married until 2012, but still brought my injury up all the time and would say DO YOU SEE WHAT I NEED TO PUT UP WITH, when I would forget something with my memory loss. I had a lot of money and when my savings got low she said I want out, I cant put up with you anymore and finished it at the end of 2018. I changed as a person and wasn't confident and let her walkover the top of me, and since we have split I have my confidence back and my old personality is coming back. At the end of the day its a bad thing at the time but in the long run its so much better.

How did you correct for your acknowledged statistical bias in your study sample ("only 15% of subjects were separated or divorced"), when the separated/divorce rate in the general population is higher?