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TBI Basics

What you need to know about brain injury

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Personal Stories & Blogs

Making Tough Decisions Easier
An open and honest blog about TBI from Nicole Bingaman

These words are part of my caregiving truth. Even though they are messy and imperfect, they are full of love. For you. For me. For the caregivers dealing with moments they can’t bring themselves to share, or those who want to cry, but find their tears have run dry.

Expert Q&A

Jacqueline Borg
Child Psychologist

How do I deal with my 17-year-old son's behavior issues? His TBI was three years ago and over the last year, especially, he uses digital stimulation to make himself go to the bathroom. As far as we can find out, there is no medical reason for it. I think it might be a way for him to have some...