Transitioning to Adult Life for Kids with TBI

Studies are being done to find the best ways to help kids transition from the hospital back to school and from school to adult life.

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[Dr. Ann Glang] My colleague, Bonnie Todis, and I have been studying for a few years now ways to support kids as they transition from high school on to adult life. So we're learning some things and have published a few things in that area— what kinds of things help kids be more prepared for post-high school training, education, and employment. The other thing that we have been studying is ways to narrow that gap between hospital and school. So we have a study right now—random control trial—in three sites where we are connecting kids who leave the hospital with someone at the State Department of Education. So that connection happens, and then the person in the State Department of Education contacts a trained regional facilitator in their state. And that facilitator can then contact parents, teacher, principal and be a resource for that child should problems emerge, should they have questions, should they want some information. And we're studying that right now and seeing some preliminary positive results.
Posted on BrainLine July 29, 2010.

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