Strategies for Children Who May Feel Embarrassed About a Parent with TBI

Role playing is one strategy that psychologists use to help children deal with embarrassment they may have by their parent with TBI, or people's reaction to that parent.

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Many children, especially older children, can be very embarrassed by the changed parent. We normalize that. Where children are really struggling with feeling very embarrassed by their parent, we say that we normalize. We help them decide how they're going to manage those issues perhaps when they're outside. One of the things that we know that children get very embarrassed-- sometimes they're embarrassed by the parent. Sometimes they're embarrassed by people's reactions to the parent. And we spend lots of time role playing how they might handle those situations differently. Ranging from just ignoring people's reactions to maybe politely asking someone to stop staring, or maybe explain to somebody if the parent is struggling, "Give my parent more time, he's had a brain injury," and "He can do this, he just needs longer."
Posted on BrainLine December 18, 2012.

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