Parenting an Adult Child with a Concussion

Bob Duncan talks about the challenges of being a parent of a college-aged kid, especially one recovering from a brain injury.

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[Bob Duncan] Do you ever really balance from being a parent when your child becomes an adult? You can remove the child from the household, but you never remove the parent from the child. So the parent—parental concern from both his mother and I was constant and probably nagged him more during that time period than a 20-year-old should have been nagged, but we wanted to make sure he was limiting himself because he lived away from home and lived on campus we wanted to make sure he was following the guidelines given. I will have to give a lot of credit to Jonathan. Jonathan's—has been and always been a good son and was quick to follow. He realized the seriousness of the situation and was quick to follow the orders and was very compliant with what was taking place because I threatened him that I would bring him home and hogtie him to the bed.
Posted on BrainLine February 21, 2014.

Produced by Sharon Ladin and Justin Rhodes, BrainLine.

About the author: Bob Duncan

Healthcare Executive Bob Duncan and his wife, Sarah, have three children. Their son Jonathan was a sophomore nursing student and a cheerleader at Marquette University when he sustained a concussion that led to an academic leave of absence and ended his cheerleading career.

Bob Duncan