More Research and Attention Needed for Pediatric Brain Injury

Pediatrician Rachel Berger talks about how pediatric brain injury is behind that of adult brain injury in research and process.

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TBI in children is probably 5 to 10 years behind where TBI in adults is--just in terms of recognition. As a pediatric resident, I never learned anything about pediatric TBI. Most of these kids go to the trauma service. They go to the intensive care unit. That's not where pediatricians train. We train on the general pediatrics floors. And so, as a general pediatrician, you don't usually evaluate children with brain injuries because they go to an emergency room. And so I think there's a little bit of a lag in training pediatricians how to recognize the potentially long-term problems from concussion-- how to recognize even when pediatricians should send children to emergency rooms. I think at this point people are so nervous that if a parent calls and says anything, they say, "Go send your child to the emergency room." Which, again, may not really be always the right thing to do because you may be making parents super-sensitized to something that they don't need to be so super-sensitized to. I think we're making progress. I think there is an understanding that pediatricians need to learn more about concussion, but it's a process. And so, I think we're in that process now.
Posted on BrainLine January 9, 2013.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Jared Schaubert, BrainLine, and Dan Edblom.