How Do You Get a Patient's Consent to Be in a Trial If He is Unconscious?

Dr. David Wright talks about the PROTECT III trial studying the use of progesterone for moderate to severe TBI and how you get patients' consent.

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Posted on BrainLine October 25, 2012.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough, Ashley Gilleland, Justin Rhodes, and Erica Queen, BrainLine.

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We would like to seek help for my nephew, who choked off of an grape. He was 4 when it happen which before he was a healthy young boy. He is now 5 years old with no change. The doctors said that due to the lack of oxygen to his brain when the accident occur he has anoxia sever brain injury. Myself and the family would like to seek help to get him stronger and help for his mother. Thanks for your time