How Concussion Recovery Centers Offer Service Members Appropriate Rest Post-TBI

Concussion Recovery Centers, located near service members' units, are quiet, comfortable environments conducive for rest and recovery after a brain injury.

I was able to visit several concussion recovery centers while I was in theater, and each one was different, but they were routinely very comfortable, decorated environments, which I think are very conducive to service member rest. They also were resourced with a number of items to give the service members some different things to do while they are recovering. So, they typically have a tv and different video equipment and other recreational materials. Again, very comfortable, quiet enviroment that I think really is important. From what I certainly witnessed in theater, most units would not have that environment to allow the service members to rest. So, some of the service members are referred to these centers from even more distant outlying combat outposts, for instance. But, still relatively close to their unit, which I think is very important in that early postconcussion period.
Posted on BrainLine July 20, 2012.

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