How to Become a Neuropsychologist

So the brain interests you? Learn more about what it takes to become a neuropsychologist.

Generally, a neuropsychologist will have obtained a doctoral degree in psychology, and will then specialize in neuropsychology. They will do what they call a post-doctoral fellowship, which usually runs 2 years, working under another neuropsychologist or in a rehabilitation program, depending on what your focus is. Doing that for another 2 years, specifically focusing on learning neuropsychological assessment, learning how the brain functions, neuroanatomy, learning neuropsychological interventions, So it's a doctoral degree plus 2 years of training to be able to function as a neuropsychologist. There is a certification that you can get and get board certified in neuropsychology. It's not required, at this point, to practice as a neuropsychologist. You can get licensed and practice with the doctoral degree and 2 years post-doc. The board certification is just a higher level of competency assessment.
Posted on BrainLine February 7, 2011.

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