Friending with Brain Injury!

In this blast from the past from 2012, Bill and Cheryl from "Cooking with Brain Injury" are back! Like many people with a brain injury, they've lost their social connections. They attempt to win a friendship with Jacqui on a completely surreal daytime TV show. Things go awry when the ableist, unforgiving host tries to run things her way without giving the players any way to keep track of her rules.

The three players have had traumatic brain injuries in real life, and they bring their experiences of social isolation, stigma, and difficulties with communication to this short comedy film.

Filmed and edited by Cynthia Lopez.

Also avaiilable is the Audio Described Friending With Brain Injury!

Check out the first film, Cooking with Brain Injury

Posted on BrainLine April 19, 2021.

Funded by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

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These are really great! Thank you so much for doing these - I teach OTs!