Dr. Stuart Hoffman: The Million Veterans Program

This national program will match recruited veterans' genomic information with their electronic medical records to help better individualize treament for TBI and other conditions.

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[Dr. Stuart Hoffman] The Million Veterans Program is going to be a nationwide program that will recruit veterans that will combine their genomic information with their electronic health records. And this will help individualize medical treatments—not just for TBI but for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, psychological health illnesses. Well, one of the things we wish to learn from MVP for TBI is which populations need to be monitored more closely, and which populations will benefit from certain therapies, while others will not. And which populations need more intensive therapies than the rest. That may be—those answers may lie within their genes.
Posted on BrainLine April 13, 2012.

Produced by Brian King, Vicky Youcha, and Michael Yoswa, BrainLine.