Mental Illness and Brain Injury Are Not a Dual Diagnosis

Often, behavioral and emotional symptoms are a result of a TBI and should be treated as such.

Posted on BrainLine June 9, 2011.

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Why does my brain not allow me to just go for a walk?

Hi, I fell and had a whiplash effect by hitting head so hard my jaw joints were smashed and my tmj joints had to be replaced, my question please, my brain wants to do stuff but it also cant action on them, I feel stuck, any help out there?

I am so sorry to hear about your injuries, I
do empathize and send prayers. One thought, one moment, and then one step at a time. :)

Sorry for your SEVERE CRISIS, I'm not at all medical trained, although I have been in Crim. Just, along with multiple hrs in state level training hours. Clearly, they don't know what to do, so to avoid a lawsuit, they try to just advocate the ungodly nightmare this has to be. Clearly the mother has to know any day, this boy will if not arrested, but placed in the state to protect others, as well as himself. Grab a notebook & try to remember dates & events, go to the District Attorneys office. I've said often, UNDER-EDUCATED COPS will & can get someone hurt, & sometimes their just doing what "Brass (Bosses) have instructed them to do. Go to the news paper, get an outside video camera (Hunting area at WalMart), & post'm on fb, youtube, what to heck... So sorry for your dilemma. While my husband has displayed similar, his bouts of anger he created in belief always that he thought I had another bf & that level was aimed at ME, neighbors got verbal. Which in the apt. complex I lived, management decided to retaliate against me for filing complaint with HUD, for him not complying with VAWA.

I have a violent aggressive neighbor whom police officer says cannot be blamed due to TBI. Though his mother says her son (a grown man) is not mentally ill. She also states that even though he physically assaulted me when I caught him stealing furniture from my neighbor, that he would go unpunished...why? She also threatened me to not say that I thought he had a knife or a gun when he surely acted as if he did. Then when I turned my back to him, he threw a ceramic bowl at my back which shattered upon impact on my back. But police said that I should feel compassion for him. I feel only ultimate fear.