Dr. James Kelly: Systems Addressing the Lingering Effects of Concussion

Today there is more interest in concussions and their lingering effects, which has led to more funding and research. Dr. James Kelly sees the information gathering and treatment implementation landscape growing even further as time goes on.

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There is such an interest in this, the whole topic of concussion and the lingering effects, and, to some extent, the worrisome pieces of it that we know about as well with certain individuals, that I think right now there is enough of a spotlight on it that we have the the nation's attention. There's more funding aimed in that direction for research, as well as for clinical care. Philanthropic attention is growing and there are consortium, national networks being built and I'm being asked to consider building one for us, as well, that would then roll out the model that we're using at major academic medical centers around the country. Now, we're not there yet, but the idea has caught on there. Certainly our psychological health consortium, that have been for years. In depression, for instance, at major academic centers. And so this idea of having multiple mild TBI veteran athletes, civilian systems nationwide learning from each other, sharing data, referring patients back and forth and so forth. We're right on the verge of being able to do that now. In a small scale way it's already happening, but I think that what we'll see in the very near future is that whole idea blossoming and taking off with philanthropic support, with expertise being developed, with sharing of data and understanding the problem in ways we hadn't before. And I think we're not too far away from that now. This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.

Posted on BrainLine February 12, 2019.

This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.