Connor Martin: Why We Donated My Brother’s Brain

Connor Martin talks about why is family decided to donate is brother Kevin Ash's brain to Boston University for study. Kevin was a veteran and an athlete who began exhibiting personality changes, such as dramatic mood changes, sudden outbursts, and struggles with sleep, night terrors, depression, and anxiety. His family wanted to understand what had happened, even if it was after his death.

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It kind of came from my mom’s desire to know what was going on. I think she had heard of the Boston University study that was going on and I think at that point she was passionate about figuring out exactly what was happening to Kevin. And I think that that motivated her to donate his brain and you know she ran it by the rest of the family and we were all on board with it and I guess just that motivation to get a better understanding of what exactly was happening to her son is what prompted her to do it. My mom wanted to donate his brain a lot because of the frustration she had with how Kevin’s situation was handled in so many different regards that I think she was passionate about not only getting closure for herself but also helping other people who might then be experience what we had to go through and kind of having some evidence or something tangible to lean on when they’re looking for how to handle their own situation. Kevin’s big motive was to help people and that’s a big, that’s a big value in our family so that’s definitely where part of this motivation came from to donate his brain is to help others and you know we realize that while you know our exact situation is, has come and gone we still are going to deal with the grieving and the aftermath after but we’re not on the front lines anymore. That we can help other people who maybe are or are experiencing confusion or frustrating with their own situations. This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.

Posted on BrainLine June 14, 2021.

This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.