Caregiving and TBI: What You Need to Know

BrainLine's webcast "Caregiving and TBI: What You Need to Know" offers ideas and strategies for people caring for a loved one with TBI.

We are pleased to feature the following distinguished guests:

  • Nathan D. Zasler, an internationally respected rehabilitation physician in brain injury care.
  • Carolyn Rocchio, a nationally recognized advocate, author, and speaker in the field of brain injury.
  • Sarah Wade, the wife of retired Army Sergeant Edward “Ted” Wade.

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Posted on BrainLine January 26, 2009.

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Having a new partner of 4 years with a TBI . He's a great guy but a few issues (but then don't we alll?)
Id love some information on how I can help him. You know with anxiety, OCD, everyone is against me, no one understands etc, etc. I'm here for him but just want to help and say or not say the right things... you get me ??

One important thing to remember is to not overwhelm yourself or your husband with too much at once. Be careful not to overstimulate him. Its one area that I know I needed help with throughout the years caring for my twin brother. TBI at age 14 and we are now 42. Too much information all at once is or talking too fast. These type of things.
You have a good heart and I believe that will shine through most so I wouldn't worry too much about saying the wrong thing.

I have had my TBI since childhood so I don't remember a before and as I failed school behavior issues impulsive imature inpulsive FEAR failed school even GYM can't dance can't do arobics can't walk straight anyways bad bad bad it wasn't untill I was 30 years old that some actually listen to me and saw signs of a TBI I was then giving a brain map should Severe TBI with more testing Wextler?? Memory I found out I have Severe immediate and delayed audio and visual processing and was told nothing we can do! I just meet my husband anyways he showed no interest in going for results anyway fast forward we moved out of state away from family in rural VT I got a primary and put down that I had a TBI nothing nobody ever suggested nurologist I then became sick was pushed of to Mental health and they were told about my TBI nothing they labeled me Mentally I'll small down DCF got involved our lives all sucked my kids were taking DCF they became addicts I have been terrified my doctor had me see an Addiction specialist to understand this disease! FINALLY he asked about my TBI and he picked up that I have been misdiagnosed that I am not mentally ill I have a Nurological disorder and he educated me and got me a Nurogist I have neurophysiology testing the 17 at Dartmouth to find more about mean while the delayed visual is a huge problem I should not have a license to drive I have stopped I am 47 years old living like this I don't get along with any one I know know the immidate and delayed audio and visual processing is why I have so many issues with everyone fast forward My husband my Caregiver has known these results since 2000 and has never threw all our problems my problems dcf my health my oddness he has never even brought it up I am very angry right now as I am reading and learning and he doesn't want me to share he's getting annoyed by everything I am sharing I try and read post from TBI groups he rolls his eyes he makes me feel like a burden! Why has he not spoke up on my behave? Why did he just let me be treated mentally ill trouble maker ? Why did he let my kids get taking instead of getting me help for my TBI not mental condition? Why am I married to him? We have been together since 2000 but only married 5 years and now that I know what the hell is going on I'm staying away from everyone and not driving I'm fighting like hell to not be angry that 17 years ago I was just diagnosed after child hood accident! I feel like a burden and that's the worse feeling he has no interest in learning with me none at all! Now what at 47 what do I do? I'm scared feel hopeless being he's my Caregiver! I'm stuck andry and feal ripped off! Why have I not been worthy of correct treatment?