Brooke Brown: How I Communicate with My Husband

Although she hates to have to talk to her husband — who suffers from combat-related TBI and PTSD — like a child, sometimes that's the only way she can get him to understand her.

For the most part, we could communicate--on the good days-- because he's able to--my tone of voice. He says that I speak with other people a lot different than I do him, that I treat him like a child. I don't mean to, but you have to break it down. And sometimes on the good days he can understand me talking as I am to you, but other days I have to speak to him as though-- I don't want to call him a child, but you have to break it down in layman's terms. He may not understand academy, for instance. Well, academy is a school. So if I say academy, "Well, what's an academy?" "It's a school." I would have to say school versus the other.
Posted on BrainLine January 25, 2013.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough, Justin Rhodes, and Lara Collins, BrainLine.

Special thanks to LtCol. Tim Maxwell, USMC (ret), and his wife, Shannon.