Attention Is a Person's Window on the World

People with brain injury can usually process information, though it may happen slowly. However, the timing of their processing attention may be off. More research is needed.

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If you look at attention, it's really your window on the world. A lot of people look at consciousness as another sort of word for attention. Consciousness is sort of-- The first one is wakeful consciousness. You've got to be awake. And then there's the consciousness processing part. So there's consciousness wakefulness, consciousness processing. People have been looking in between, which is attention selection. So I've got to select what I want to conscious process. How do we do that? And I think that's the part that's being disrupted in concussion. They don't have a problem with the processing part. If you give a person with concussion enough time, they'll get it right, or give somebody who is old--maybe they're slow but they'll get it right eventually. So it's not a problem of recognize where the yellow triangle is; it's when they're time pressured and they've got to do it within a certain time frame that they have problems. That to me means there's some timing issues. And I think that part of attention is this timing issue and we need to look at that. And it's a hypothesis. It needs to be studied.
Posted on BrainLine February 9, 2012.

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