Jamshid Ghajar, MD, PhD

Jamshid Ghajar

Dr. Jamshid Ghajar completed the MD/PhD program at Cornell University Medical College, with a PhD dissertation on neuro-chemistry and metabolism during coma.

After completing his residency training in neurosurgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, he joined the Cornell faculty and founded the Brain Trauma Foundation. The mission of the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF) is to translate neuroscience into effective solutions.

He is the principal investigator on three Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. One, to develop a portable and rugged eye tracking cognitive performance monitoring device for concussion. Two, EYE-TRAC Advance, a cognitive performance study in 10,000 soldiers and athletes and three, the Concussion Definition Consortium — an evidence based project to define concussion. He is also the principal investigator on the James S. McDonnell Foundation collaborative grant award to study the neurophysiology of attention following mild traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Ghajar is chief of Neurosurgery at Jamaica Hospital-Cornell Trauma Center, clinical professor of Neurosurgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and president of the Brain Trauma Foundation.