Art Helps Psychologists Work with Kids with a Parent with TBI

Art work can help children express how they are feeling about their injured parent. In turn, the drawings can help psychologists help those kids better understand and adapt to the resulting changes in their family.

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We encourage children to draw lots of images for us. We see lots of really nice pieces of work from children. We also see through children's art work maybe issues that worry us slightly. We spend lots of time educating children about the nature of their parent's injury, and perhaps reassuring that only a small area is damaged, and the parent still retains lots of skills and abilities. And sometimes we check that out by asking children to draw what they've learned. And sometimes we see children drawing pictures of heads with no brain or heads with tiny bits of brain or a very, very damaged brain. And then we need to go back and reassure children that's not the case and try to dispel those kind of worrying images that children are holding in their minds about the extent of the damage and the nature of the damage, and also the idea that there's no recovery. That they believe this is always how it's going to be. So, art work is a good way of children expressing perhaps issues they can't talk about and also a good way for us checking out how much they've understood from educational activities.
Posted on BrainLine December 18, 2012.

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