Alexander Balbir, PhD: Wounded Warrior Project Offers Service Members a Continuum of Care

Wounded Warrior Project wants vets to return home and thrive in their communities. With that in mind, WWP offers a continuum of supports and services for vets to address mental health, brain health, and physical health well-being. Acting collaboratively, WWP staff work to find the best program or combination of programs to fit an individual’s needs.

Dr. Alexander Balbir is the Director of Independent Services at Wounded Warrior Project.

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The beauty of the work that we do at Wounded Warrior Project is that we have a continuum of supports and services for everyone. Not everyone may benefit from the Independence Program, but they may benefit from some of the other programs that we do have. If it’s understood that an individual is probably in need of some more intensive clinical treatment, we can look to our Warrior Care Network as a- as a better resource and a better referral for them. And really work with that warrior to transition them out of the Independence Program into a more appropriate program. Generally speaking, when we’ve had individuals that decided that Independence Program was not for them, a couple years down the road when some of their symptoms, when their symptoms become exacerbated, they then will come back and join the Independence Program. Or, if they’ve had a particularly life-changing event, the loss of a caregiver, it’s very detrimental to the health and well-being of a veteran when they lose their caregiver. And then they’ve come back into the Independence Program and we’re able to support them. So that’s the great part about Wounded Warrior Project - we have a lot of programs that address mental health, brain health, physical health, and wellbeing. And trying to find the right and the most appropriate fit or the combination of programs that would benefit individuals, that’s where I think we are one of the best organizations in the business in terms of addressing those needs and working as a team to collectively address those needs. BrainLine is powered in part by Wounded Warrior Project to honor and empower post-9/11 injured service members, veterans, and their families.




Posted on BrainLine September 27, 2021. Reviewed September 27, 2021.