What Variables Determine Issues with Sexuality After a Brain Injury?

What Variables Determine Issues with Sexuality After a Brain Injury?

A brief summary of current research.

Predictors of Sexual Functioning and Satisfaction One Year Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A TBI Model Systems Multicenter Study

Sander, AM, Maestas, KL, Nick, TG, Pappadis, MR, Hammond, FM, Hanks, RA, Ripley, L Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Vol. 28 (3), pp 186-194.

Factors Associated with Sexuality Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Ponsford, Jennie L. PhD; Downing, Marina G. PhD; Stolwyk, Rene DPsych

In these two studies, investigators aimed to identify the correlation between sexual dysfunction following TBI and a number of demographic and injury-related variables. Both studies found greater sexual dysfunction in older patients and patients suffering from depression. One study found that greater social participation was predictive of better sexual functioning. Both studies concluded that both specialized assessments and therapeutic interventions are needed to address sexuality issues following TBI.

Posted on BrainLine August 12, 2013.

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This article talks about age and depression as factors of sexual dysfunction after TBI, however, it should also be noted that a Traumatic Brain Injury can damage the hippocampus and other parts of the brain that are directly related to the sexual ability and function. The neurons and axons that connect those parts of the brain can be destroyed or altered from a brain injury causing sexual dysfunction. 

After my tbi my spouse made me move out because I can't orgasm and my mood swings and my memory loss.. glad I found this site

I was unable to orgasm for over a year past my injury, but felt to uncomfortable to bring this up with my closed-off neurologist. Happy to know this is a real thing.

Never had a problem, but spouse seemed to pull away.  Very loving and good relationship, but wonder what happened.  Gained weight from meds, and like THIN.  Wish more was written.

Excellent information! Sharing! #SpeciaLives