Treatment for TBI-Related Sleep Problems Crucial Early On

Treatment for TBI-Related Sleep Problems Crucial Early On

A brief summary of current research.

Does Actue TBI-Related Sleep Disturbance Predict Subsequent Neuropsychiatric Disturbances?

Rao, V, McCann, U, Han, D, Bergey, A & Smith, MT (2014). 28 (1), pp 20-26.

Researchers in this study found that people with traumatic brain injury who had sleep disturbance in the acute period after the injury were more likely to have symptoms of depression, anxiety, and apathy 12 months post-injury. This raises an important question of whether earlier treatment of sleep disturbance could help prevent later psychiatric symptoms.

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Posted on BrainLine January 30, 2014.

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My TBI was five years ago and I too had sleep issues.  I found that doing Neurofeedback and going to an Osteopath, both helped with sleep and of course that anger thing.  Good luck

I suffered a traumatic hypoxia brain injury and have had severe headaches and sleeping problems since 2012-2013 and sick of the doctors just throwing pills at me and even asking me what pills I would like to try next as they aren't working. Had a sleep study done too which showed that I have a severe sleep issue but nothing being done about it. Please help me.

Oh gosh the amount of arguments I've had especially with my husband. sleeping tablets only worked short time for me took sleepers 8pm still awake 4 am. I call my PTSD black dog never leaves me alone always pops up when you least expect it life has not been the same never will be again

I have always had issues sleeping from a young age but in the past 13 years of living with tbi I have found nothing that helps me sleep. I will be dead tired from the minute I wake until I go to lie down to sleep at night. The doctors don't seem to worried about it I think they think I'm just full of crap and trying to get drugs but really I want to sleep like a normal person but every sleeping pill I have been prescribed does not even affect me. So many nights I've laid there just thinking and that always ends in crying I get very emotional. I did a sleep study in 2011 it was my second sleep study my first I had forgotten my sleeping meds. It takes quite a bit to get me to sleep. The second one I did I took vistaril I don't feel rested but it is the only thing that would even put me to sleep. I did not go into a complete deep sleep like a normal person does. They said I stayed in the first stage of sleep and woke up often. I've been on the hunt for 13 long years doctor to doctor to doctor for help here and nothing has changed. I have finally gotten someone to refer me to a neurological but that could take months to get scheduled.