Predicting Recovery after Mild TBI

Research Update: Predicting Recovery after Mild TBI

A brief summary of current research.

Prediction of time trends in recovery of cognitive function after mild head injury

Müller, K, Ingebrigtsen, T, Wilsgaard, T, Wikran, G, Fagerheim, T, Romner, B, Waterloo, K Neurosurgery: April 2009 — Volume 64 (4), pp 698-704.

This study looked at several types of medical assessments to determine which might have an ability to predict problems six months after a mild brain injury. Using neuropsychological testing to assess cognitive skills, investigators found the following:

  • CT scans or MRIs that showed TBI, a Glasgow Coma Scale score of
  • There was significant improvement in performance six months after the mild brain injury.
  • Having the APOE gene was significant for predicting less improvement at six months.


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Posted on BrainLine August 13, 2009.