Marital Stability After TBI

Research Update: Marital Stability After TBI

A brief summary of current research.

Predictors of marital stability two years following traumatic brain injury

Arango-Lasprilla JC, Ketchum JM, Dezfulian T, Kreutzer JS, O'neil-Pirozzi TM, Hammond F Jha A. Brain Inj, 2008, 22(7-8):565-574.

This study followed survivors of brain injury and found that two years after brain injury, 85 percent of persons in this study remained married. Those at greater risk of marital instability included younger persons, males, having TBI from a violent injury, and having a moderately severe injury. Among people with more severe disabilities, the likelihood of remaining married was higher for minorities.

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Posted on BrainLine June 4, 2009.

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Immediately after my husband's TBI, I found out he was having an affair-for 6 years! I can't separate my feelings about him and his betrayal from just dealing with his change in his ability to respond emotionally. Either way I can't tell how he feels about his affair.

In 1997 I suffered traumatic brain injuries, meds caused diabetes, and my wife was primary supporter of household bills. I get $797 a month disability. What in God's name will I do to survive? Can I receive part of her social security or am I just to suffer on and make a life as best I can were married 20 years?