Do Anti-Depressants Work for People with TBI?

Research Update: Do Anti-Depressants Work for People with TBI?

A brief summary of current research.

A randomized controlled trial of sertraline for the treatment of depression in persons with traumatic brain injury

Ashman TA, Cantor JB, Gordon WA, Spielman L, Flanagan S, Ginsberg A, Engmann C, Egan M, Ambrose F, Greenwald B. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - May 2009 (Vol. 90, Issue 5, Pages 733-740)

People with TBI who had a diagnosis of major depression were treated either with sertraline, i.e. Zoloft, or a placebo for 10 weeks. Both groups showed improvements on measurements of mood, anxiety, and quality of life, with 59 percent of the group who took sertraline and 32 percent of the placebo group responding to the treatment.

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Posted on BrainLine June 25, 2009.