Balance Issues and Headaches After TBI

Research Update: Balance Issues and Headaches After TBI

A brief summary of current research.

Balance deficits after sports-related concussion in individuals reporting post-traumatic headache

Register-Mihalik JK, Mihalik JP, Guskiewicz KM. Neurosurgery. 2008 Jul;63(1):76-80; discussion 80-2.

This study reports that people who persist with post-traumatic headache can have difficulties with balance in addition to the already recognized problems with thinking skills.

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Posted on BrainLine July 16, 2009.

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Regarding balance, crossing the midline of the body, there is an educational article called cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome (Wikipedia) as well as an educational book about Bonine, body balance, dyspraxia, and Inattentive ADHD which includes an introduction by Anita Uhl Brothers, M.D.  Two good educational resources (my view).