Brain Injury: When to Go to the Hospital

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I slipped and feel face first, flat on my face. My nose bled pretty bad,but it’s been 13 hours and have had a headache since. I just woke up dizzy,headache, and nauseated. I don’t feel that anything is broken

Okay same i literally thought i was gonna have a stroke I’m like panicking right now whic is clearly why i am looking up what to do when you bit your head hard lol.

I got hit pretty hard above my temple in a fight. I have a goose egg in the spot of impact. Slight headache and the goose egg is tender to touch the day after. Should I go to the er?

YES! Always tell your parents what you are feeling and go to the hospital if you have ANY dizziness, feeling sick, or headache, especially all those together. And if you have a sudden severe (really bad) headache, then GO TO THE HOSPITAL right away.

So if you have any bleeding or a cut go if you black out or vomit go. If you have a bump bugger than two centimetres don’t be concerned but ask them questions like the date and their birthday after that if they say the wrong answer go to a&e if the bump continues after two weeks or a week then go.

My dad smashed my head of the corner of the fridge it was really swelled like a golf ball and it’s been about a month and a half later and I still get nauseous and headaches

I was running across my room when I slipped on water and fell backwards and hit the floor so hard it was heard all over the house. It hurt for a bit but then I couldn’t press the back of my head because it would hurt I don’t have any headaches or dizziness. Should I go to the doctor please answer quickly. Oh and the slightest spin makes me very very dizzy

Yes, yes...and YES!!
Always have a head injury checked out, if you experience any symptoms (headache, pain, dizziness, nausea feeling sick, slurred speech, can't think straight, unusual symptoms or behavior in general.....these are your body saying something is wrong).

I Was Fighting And The Person Struck Me n My Temple Didn’t Pass Out Bored , But I Have Been Worried Because I Have Swelling And Pain On The Left Side Of My Temple And Jaw Should I Seek An Hospital

I work in a hospital. Last Friday, I hit my head on the corner of the IV monitor. I had a slight headache and If I remember correctly I went to sleep afterwards. Yesterday, out of nowhere my head goes to throbbing on the side I hit my head. Took some tylenol and it feels better but my eye is hurting kind of like its sensitive to the light and when I look at my phone. Could I have a concussion after all this time?

I am 28 years old FM I got into a fight with someone she pulled my hair really hard and twisted my neck and sat on me. My scalp has been hurting me and my neck and head aches a month later I had vaginal prolapse surgery which I had 10 days a go every time I sit or stand I get severe headache and dizziness also feel sick my vision gets blurred i get ringing in my ear I have been told it is a spinal headache I’m not sure if it is connected to the head injury I need advice on what I should do thank you

I got into a car accident today and I hit my head on the window I feel fine but I have a bump on my head and a headache should I see a doctor

I got elbowed in the temple 5 hours ago. It is now bruised and I have a headache it gets worse when I move my head around. Should I go to the a&e? I have very slight nausea too

I am a 15 y/o boy and i was walking the trussles with my little sister and a train had came so i was running i tripped and fell and smacked my head and i didnt loose consciousness but ever since then i have been feeling like in a daze off and on but when i went to the hospital they cleaned the blood put 4 needles in my head to numb my head but no CAT scan should i go in and check it out its almost a month and a half later and when they pulled the staples out and my mon said "i think my son should have a CAT scan done because hee seems very off" and the doctor said "no hes finehe just coming pff of a concussion" like no the concussion should be gone by now and i still feel dazed and like im not myself what do i do??

Get a different doctor's opinion and dont settle for 1 input...u have to live that way for the rest of your take care of yourself and get a second opinion...might unsurprisingly be the best thing

Nope, get a cat scan! It was irresponsible of that doctor not to order a cat scan in the first place! Be insistent, threaten to sue, whatever it takes to get them to give him one.
I would ask for another doctor...always get a 2nd opinion anyway.

About 24 hours ago I fell asleep outside sitting in my lawn chair. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember is 'face planting' in the driveway! I only woke up when I hit the pavement. I bloodied both my knees and my nose. I busted my lip and hit my forehead really hard. Less than 24 hours later I look like I have been a couple rounds with Mike Tyson. My whole face hurts, but especially my forehead. I don't have a knot, but when I bend over the pressure causes my head to throb and I have a terrible headache. What should I do. I am a 55 year old woman.

Bloody nose swollen lip blood stopped down but very swollen pain in knees and elbows


I fell and hit the back of my hear on a concrete floor back in 1993 i found out that now i have arthritis in my facet joints also i suffered bad head aches also mental health problems back then

This happened to me when I was 7 and I'm a 13 year old girl and I have a bump on the back of my head that is rock hard and ever since then ive had mild memory problems and I've had fatigue and no energy whatsoever. I also think my there is something up with my bones because when I try to run despite my energy levels, my knees give in. There are other bone issues too, but not too bad.

I went on a roller coaster on Saturday and I hit my neck, the back of my head and shoulders several times and that day the pain lasted around two hours since yesterday it came back and it is so bad I can’t sleep and it hurts to move my head at all. When I get up I feel dizzy and my legs feel weak to the point where I am almost falling. The pain gets worse with loud noises and every time I go outside. I’m not sure if I should go see a doctor or if it will just go away on it’s own.

You have a strong lawsuit on your hands.. hopefully you went to the hospital and got it all documented..

I hope someone can ease our worry, because honestly hospitals are germ 2.5 yo granddaughter suffered concussion after climbing out of crib in middle of night, 8 days ago. Pediatrician blah.blahed off...she was/is stuttering and I told mama to follow gut. She has left temporal damage and scheduled for speech therapy. Today, 8 days later, she has began to act differently and is running 101.9 temp. A bath has dropped it some, yet she isn't exactly able to communicate how she feels. She is a twin and they have not been in daycare for 6 weeks. No teething signs. Mama and I are extremely neurotic. Should we wait out or take back to cesspool of more viruses?

OMG. Don't worry about the germs! A brain bleed can KILL them fairly quickly OR very very slowly!

First of all a two and a half year old should not be in a crib. Further to fall, thus concussion. She should be in a bed with a guard rail. They are not expensive and work extremely well to prevent falling. They cover only part of the bed so a two and a half year old could climb out over the part that was not covered. Children's beds are lower and thus less far to fall climbing out of. Also put a thick rug by the bed. REPEAT: NO TWO and a HALF YEAR OLD SHOULD STILL BE SLEEPING IN A CRIB. IF YOU AND MAMA ARE "EXTREMELY NEUROTIC" YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THEM IN CRIBS AT TWO AND A HALF. INVEST IN TWO BEDS OR GET THEM AT GOODWILL AND TWO RUGS, AND A GUARD RAIL.

Take her it sounds concerning

When I was little I fell off a swing backwards and hit my head I was out nearly an hour we didn’t have insurance or money so my mom just watched me. Cat scans hadn’t been invented yet. So with that said I ended up with epilepsy around age 16 not sure if that caused it for sure but it could have. Best wishes to the baby and hope all is well

I smacked my head on the edge of my metal bunk bed really hard, I have a bump and a red spot but I feel fine. I can’t tell if I have a concussion because I hit myself because I was dizzy beforehand but I don’t have any of the other symptoms. I’ve had a concussion before and I don’t feel like I did then. Should I go to the doctor? I haven’t gone because usually the doctors just do a quick superficial look and ask some questions then just send me home like nothing happened and it’s kinda too expensive to just go.

What happened to me today was I was playing tether ball at school and this kid through a rock at my head it was pretty big and it had a sharp tip cause when I went to the office crying they said they saw a scratch and blood they cleaned me all up asked me a few questions like do you have a headache I said yes they also asked me do I feel dizzy I said yes and they asked me do you feel like I’m going to throw up I said kinda they asked me if I know the date it took me awhile to answer and it was very hard go remember but now I remember several times a lot of the teachers said have a good Friday I’ll see you on Monday... currently I still have a headache and I have not been able to fall asleep. Also right before lunch at school I poked under my eye and it was blurry and now from getting this headache because of a rock hitting me on the side of my head my left eye is a little blurry ... ( my right eye is no longer blurry that was from me poking my eye but my left eye is blurry now) what do I do????

8'9'2019- I was walking out of bedroom, my dog crossed in front of me, I fell into the chair then into the wall and hit the left side of my head. I stayed on all fours for a few moments, asking the Lord to help me. I didnt want to get up and be dizzy. Later that morning I have head aches and neck hurts, went to chiropractor, he cracked my neck. Head ache had let-up. Saturday morning, headache is back. Shall I go in and be checked?

Yes you should

I hit my head and fell out. Went to urgent care . They said I had a concussion . Then a day later I fell and hit my head bad in the tub and I can’t remember how I fell in the tub. I have a big bump on my head it’s now about a week later and it still hurts . The bump is still there . What should I do ?I also forgot to mention I had neck surgery 5 years ago with 18 screws .

My 21 month old granddaughter hit her forehead pretty hard has a big lump it’s her bedtime now they live in NY I’m not near them and I’m concerned if she goes to sleep or has swelling?? Stuff that can’t be seen. I know little one get plenty of lump & bumps maybe you can guid parents what they should do. Thank you

Today I was riding my bike down a hill and lost control of it and hit my head on asphalt and there is nothing but a little knot on it....and it only hurts where the knot is but, my balance fills iffy

I was helping pack up some heavy stage equipment tonight and while someone was lifting a very heavy speaker it toppled and fell directly onto the top of my head. It only hurt for a little bit, and I mostly felt it in my teeth, but the problem is that I can't tell if I've got a concussion or not. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and so basically I already have pretty bad fatigue and cognitive difficulties, fogginess and such. I have a little bit of pressure where my head was hit, and I now have a headache, are there any other telling symptoms of concussions I could check, since the fatigue and fogginess are already there? I need to know if I should bother going to the hospital.

Two days ago the back of my head was been hitted to the first,I just feel pain because of the smash but a day later it become worse.when I wake up from the bed I can't lift up my head by itself.As the result I have to use my hands to support my head to lift it up.It is also so painful when I move my neck.just move it a little brings a great pain to my neck especially the back part.i also feel dizzy sometimes.even chewing food,yawning or talking makes my neck felt so has been 2 days now that I feel pain at my neck.does it mean I had a brain injury or something?

Please, I hope you have been to Accident Emergency Jo pital by now? I have no medical background but you may have at least damaged your neck. You must be assessed by medics ASAP xx

Im wondering if you went to the hospital yet and howd things go? I fell off my motor scooter and hit my head so hard that the tips of my fingers went numb and later on when i woke up from my nap my head was so heavy i had to support it with my hands too. I was 12 when that happend im 30 now and my necks pops, crunches and hurts all the time. I got my 1st MRI today. So im wondering how everything went with you.

Please respond, I need to know. I
was at work. I was throwing trash away and i was holding up the lid, and it got caught on bags on the other side and it fell and hit my head. Never loss consciousness, I do have a bruise, bump and a cut. Its been hurting bad for almost24 hrs. It is on my forehead. What is normal and when do I worry?

Go to the E.R. to be safe

I have had several headaches over the past month. I now find I have a few small lumps (about the size of a pea) on left hand side very near the top of the head where your skull leaves a small hole/joins. It is also very painful to the touch on left hand side of my head. Do I need to go to hospital or can it wait until Monday?

I about 20 mins ago hit the right top side of my head by accident on my car door and or the part right where I opened the door , I’m a delivery driver and just took the food to the door and when I returned to my car is when I hit my head , I have done the same thing before in the past. Lol Anyhoo , it hurt but not bad enough to cry or anything just kind of hurts not that bad . Should I get it checked out or am I ok? I drove home it was my last delivery. Haven’t vomited, blacked out, no blood where I hit it not coming from anywhere on my body.

A 3 and 1/2 year old had two hard hits on head in a week heard crack as of yet today almost 12 hours since last trauma no symptoms other than hard bump ice applied 3 times what are chances for internal cran
ial bleed?

Why would a 3 1/2 year old have 2 head trauma in one week? Of course you take them directly to the E.R. could have a concussion

I was playing at the park with my kiddos and I was climbing up the side of the playground set and once I reached the top I stood up and as soon as I did I hit the top of my head on a horizontal metal poll that was above my head that I did not notice when climbing. It about knocked me out due to how quickly I stood up. Should I go to the ER? The top of my head feels hot and there is a lump but that's the extent of my injuries so far.

I was playing kabadi then suddenly wen i went for my rider turn tue opponent girl pushed me to the ground n i cud hear the hit on ground... After tat i am now having mild pain on the back of my head after 8 hrs n a small sprain on my neck....... Shud i go to meet the doc???

I was bent over picking up rocks and throwing them behind me up on a bank and one came back down and hit me in the head.I have a bruise on my head and it is tender to touch the side of my head .I still have a little bit of a headache.What should I do?

I had the front of my head against the ground several times yesterday and many hours later I was nauseous dizzy extremely tired could not move very much. Eventually made my way to a bed and slept off and on all night and often on all day I still can’t really walk without feeling very shaky and like I’m gonna fall over if I move too quickly Or turn my head.
My pupils are the same size they dilate fine I don’t think I’ve lost consciousness or had memory lapses I just have a bit of a headache and a lack of balance and I feel Spinny. Is it A necessity for me to get checked out?