Brain Injury: When to Go to the Hospital

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Yes it sounds very bad and u could have concussion go to ur local go as soon as possible

I hope that you went to the hospital! Are you okay?

On my first shift at work first hour, I hit my head against metal saddle and it hurts alot, Put I didn't bleed, And wasn't sick and I've eaten and drinked normally, Should I visit doctor I have a red bump

I hit my head a cuple of minuutes ago and I feel reely dizzy

I whacked my head on the ground quite hard and 24 hours later I can still feel it. I have a splitting headache and it really hurts. Should I go to A&E?

Couple of weeks ago my 3 year old head butted me in the temple felt dizzy at the time been getting headaches on and off been told by the doc yesterday I suffer with anxiety not sure what to do because I’m thinking all sorts

Few nights ago I fell and hit the back of my head on driveway. Had a huge headache, took ibuprofen and had a huge massive bump on head. Slept that night just fine and by morning the bump disappeared as if it was never there and now the spot is sore. I have headaches since but no other symptoms or unusual behavior. Should this be concerning especially with the bump on the back top on the head disappearing so quickly?

I had the hiccups and decided to hold my breath. I got dizzy so I grabbed onto the cat tree and told myself to lower to my knees. Next thing I know I’m waking up on the tile with my head aching but also numb. I’m at work and continued my shift after. My head hurts to touch and is swollen. Should I go in?

I am 32 years old and I was hanging something up in my sons room and I fell off the chair I hit The back of my head and my back The next day now I am sore my neck hurts my back and I feels a little weird little headaches here and there should I be worried

About 4 hours ago I was lying on my floor and my phone was on charge on my nightstand. I hit the charger cord and my phone fell down and hit my left ear. Ever since then I’ve had a massive headache and my ear and jaw hurt on that side. I’m not sure what I should do or if it’s even serious.

Hello Dr. Bazarian,

I fell on April 3. 2020. I was riding my bike, I lost oxygen, passed out, and fell to the ground. I hit concrete, asphalt, a curbing. My joints are still hurting and burning. Because of the COVID-19, I did not see the ER until April 10,2020.

I have most of the symptoms except for seizures. I tried to get up off the ground for 15 minutes, but my legs kept shaking, weak, and giving out. My memory is bad. I had bruises going up my spine, head, and down the entire right side. I cried..Help me.

It is now May 17, 2020, I still hurt really bad. I have been crying in my sleep. I don't know what to do. :C

My doctors do not want to see me until the COVID-19 is over. I am in intense pain. I have reduced sleep due to the pain. My head hurts a lot. I have moderate brain damage due to my parents.

Please help me.

I’m not a doctor but would like to say that you should get this checked ASAP

How are you now? I'm concerned for you. I hope you went to an ER or something so you could get checked. This sound serious. :(

Please get that looked at even a video appt.

Hi I’m sorry for the trauma your are experiencing after the incident. Have you been able to get help ?

My hitted my head hard with a big plastic mayonnaise jar last night...on the side of my head...
Now I fill slightly headache and this coldness inside my head... should I go or not

I just hit my head on the thing thats right beloe the window and it reely herts

My desk chair slid off the wooden mat on wood floor, slid out from under me and I fell off chair, landed on my bottom and slightly (?) hit the back of my head on the wood floor. I was on the phone, got up and ok. Very slight headache.

I fall from my bed 1 arm high and I hit my head left side when I get up this morning that I hit so hard that I loss consciousness for a second and fell like vomiting in a second, how did I know if I need to see a doctor

i fell on the floor while cleaning and hit my forehead. got an injury and went to hospital immediately, did some stitches and bought pain killer and antibiotics. i have headache that have never experienced before. and tears keep coming from my eyes. kindly advice

okay so I put my phone to charge and I picked my head up and hit my head on the bed frame. It hurted that night and stopped. It felt good the next day but at night the back of my head felt hot and was hurting. Now today it started to hurt in the back and feels hot. Can somebody please let me know what this is ?

Saturday, April 25 mid-morning I was showering lost my balance and fell on the curb of the tub next to it is the toilet and I think I hit my head twice. On the edge of the tub I hit the side of my head between my jaw and eye, then on the back of my head on the toilet, I was all twisted between the tub and toilet. Few hours later felt a ringing in my ear took Advil very painful. Today April 26 have different symptoms, dizzy, ringing in my right ear not the left where it hurts, my jaw looks flattened it’s different from my right side, it hurts like I just did a root canal my upper lip got swelling, I can get up to go to the bathroom with a little difficulty lost only once the balance, my body and I have a headache. Not vomiting or loss of consciousness. It does bother me my jaw and on between my eyes. Should I go to the Emergency Hospital?

If you get hit in the head with a Croquet mallet at an early age, let’s say 8 years you think it will damage your brain? Obviously it won’t cause death but I only ask bc I feel like my brain has a hard time making choices. I often wonder if it was in part the mallet to my melon.

I fainted whilst trying to get glass out of my husbands foot and as I fainted (I was sat down) I fell back and hit my head on the wall. Spoke to 111 and they said as long as I wasn’t unconscious I Don’t need to go hospital but I have a banging headache

This happen at work on Thursday as I was cleaning the racks and I was doing the lower rack and thought I was out from under there as I got up and boom hit back of my head, oh boy starting to get headache 30 minutes later and did report to safety committee and he said will do this twm as I was getting ready to leave my shift.
Is this somthing I should have taking this serious to see today is sat bump is still there and a little headache.
Should I put ice pack on ?
Now wondering when Monday comes should I report that I need to see dr have my head cat scan.

Not sure what country you are from, but in Canada you need to fill out an incident report within 24 hours and be seen by a medical doctor. You let them know at emerge that it’s a work related incident.

Please be sensible about your wellbeing.

Hi I knocked my left ear and side of head 3 weeks ago and still experiencing pain in my ear and left temple when I lay on my side (left and right)? When I initially bashed it i experienced head pain and numb face for a day followed by a bit of vertigo which is off and on ? What should I do ?

I fell backwards & hit a counter top in a camper 3 weeks ago & lacerated my head.
Woke up the next afternoon & vomited later that day until bedtime. I couldn't keep food down.
Fast forward to present, I have vertigo like symptoms when I look left or right quickly. Not stumbling but definitely not right.

I assume I do have a concussion & am waiting for time to pass and symptoms go away?

I’m 22, and out of anger I hit both sides of my temples about 4 or 5 times with my hands open. I got a headache immediately and when I woke up in the morning it was gone but it’s been coming and going. It’ll be 3 nights tonight. I just feel weird but idk if it’s because I’m just panicking myself and stressing out about this. The headache is extremely minor and it’s mainly pressure in my temples and behind my eyes. No other symptoms so idk if I should get checked out, I really don’t want to bc of this COVID stuff. :/

I did the same thing I felt pressure on my temples and a bad headache for 5 minutes know I feel better though

My 4 year old kicked my temple and I’ll because I have anxiety I’m so paranoid that somethings going to be wrong I have a very slight headache

Same! I'm 30 and I got overly upset and I feel so silly now but I did the same! It been about 2 weeks for me and I still feel my scalp is bruised

I’m literally here for the exact same reason . . . I got so frustrated with myself last night that I lost it and started hitting the right side of my head. It hurt a little at the time but now the next day, I have a headache and that side of my head is sore to touch. I know it’s nothing and just stress worrying. That was so stupid lmao next time I’ll punch myself in the leg or stomach or something

I had a mental breakdown about a week ago and hit my forehead as hard as I could against the floor several times-idk how many times it was but definitely more than 5. I lost consciousness several times afterwards and since then I've been having random extreme dizziness and balance problems. Before I hit my head I was having severe migraine but afterwards they have completely disappeared, just having the dizziness worse than I've ever felt. When I lay on my right side I get even more dizziness. I don't have health insurance and I already have a hospital bill from 2 different hospitals from 2 days before...

So I am 45 and dealing with too much. I have gotten to the point where the only thing that makes me feel better is planning my suicide. About a month ago I lost it completely and started hitting myself on the right side of my head. Afterwards I felt better and now I so it almost every day. I can't stop because it's the only thing that makes me feel better. I don't know what to do. Im not sure I have the strength to fight this as I know that I don't have the strength to care.

If you’re still reading this, PLEASE call a suicide prevention helpline like 1-800-273-8255 if you are in the States. This year past has been a terrible one for many people, but there are counselors who can support you through it. What’s even worse than suicide is struggling through life with permanent disabling injuries from self-harming, so please reach out to a therapist and let them help. Even though I don’t know who you are, I’m worried about you, and I’m praying that you can get the help you need to have a better life.

I woke up last night to go to the bathroom and when I got out of bed and started to walk, I kept walking/falling to the right against the wall until I got to the bathroom. By that time I was not falling to the side any more. I had a mild headache afterwards. What could have caused this?

Hi! I was hoovering the stairs today. I was knelt down and leaning down and using the tube part of the hoover to do the stairs as they are carpeted. I had earphones in as well. Before I know it, the hoover has fallen down the stairs and landed on the back of my head. It hit me so hard I felt it in the front of my skull. It was a Henry hoover, which apparently weighs 6.6kg (according to Google). I have a headache and feel sick if I stand for too long. It is 10pm now and this happened at about 3pm. It still hurts. Should I go to the hospital? Or call 111? I feel fine other than my headache, eyes hurting, and sometimes feeling sick. I don't want to waste anyone's time which is why I am asking here.

Hi I’ve done the bang same today but mine is a slim vac hoover the pain is unreal I’ve got a little lump on the back of my head we’re it landed I feel really nausea & tired other than that I feel fine wether it’s because I’m worrying I don’t no

Are you okay now

Be Aware off your surroundings at all times... Hoovering with Herbert on the stairs may give you a sense of pride, cleanliness and accomplishment
But you must always be mindful
Given the right height a sucker that size could Cause a cerebral hemmorage Go to the doc. Get checked out.

hello, not a medical expert here but you should really go check it out since you feel sick! otherwise, call a medical expert and explain your symptoms!

Are you okay now?

Helllo I’m 17 and I got punched right behind my ear and ever since I’ve got a lump that’s causing me all sorts of pain in my face and neck

I'm 27. Today I got shot by a paint ball in that same spot. It's pretty painful spot to get hit. Mine is starting to swell too and is causing my neck pain. How is it now for you?

I was laying down asleep on the couch and my husband and son were playing with a cellphone. My son dropped the cellphone and it hits the side of my head, immediately causing me to have a headache, knot on head, got dizzy when I tried to get up to get ice.

I got dizzy and had to sit down. When I put ice on my head, it hurts worse. My head hurts, hurts around my eyes. Should I go to ER or just wait to see if it gets worse?? I think its just a mild concussion

About a year ago I fell in the shower loss consciousness and had amnesia for the first 20 mins. I never went to the hospital but I had really painful headaches on the sides of my head and sometimes behind my eyes like six months after and now I’m starting to get them again. Is that related.

I I was walking across the garage floor and it was wet. I slipped and my feet came out from underneath of me, I fell back and hit my head very hard on the concrete floor. I managed to get up and come inside to get help and ice, I remember everything, I Have 2 cuts on my head. I remember everything, didn’t get nauseated, but my head hurts extremely bad. Should I go to ER?

I did the same thing but in my bathroom after trying to clear so a leak 3 days ago, almost no pain, now just a dull this, but took my wife to the neurologist at our local hospital, I mentioned it in passing to her and she was convinced I needed a CT scan, but they are so expensive. I am going to put it off for a day or two as I have very little pain I don't know if I will do it or not