Headaches often follow a concussion and they can persist even when other symptoms have resolved.

Post-Concussive Headaches

"The headaches are so severe that sometimes you're unable to concentrate. There's just a pulsating rumbling fight within your own head that makes it impossible to concentrate..."

Family nurse practitioner Helen Coronel emphasizes the importance of taking a good history before deciding on a treatment approach:

How Long Have These TBI-Related Headaches Been Going On?

"You also want to get an idea of, did they have headaches prior to this injury, because that's going to be significant."

Nurse practitioner Helen Coronel explains why sleep problems should usually be addressed before treating the headaches.

Look at Sleep Issues Then Headaches

"If you're dealing with a service member or a veteran who's had headaches, and you want to treat them, the first thing you want to look at is sleep…"