What You'll Learn

Here you'll find information about:

  • The most common co-occurring conditions associated with concussion
  • Recommended treatments for these conditions
  • Prognosis when conditions are identified and treated
  • Related resources for service members and their families

This course includes an introduction and six sections:

At the end is a post-test that provides a score and feedback on incorrect answers.

How the Course Works

You can follow the course from start to finish by using the "next" button at the bottom of each page. Arrows on the right and left of each page allow you to move back and forth between pages. You can jump to any section by clicking on the section titles across the top of the course. You can keep track of your progress by checking the progress bar at the top of each page. Links to additional resources are listed on the last page of each section.

Need a refresher on concussion/mTBI?

If you would like to take a step back and review the basics of concussion/mTBI, please take the first course in our series, Identifying and Treating Concussion/mTBI in Service Members and Veterans.