When Can We Stop Worrying After a Hit on the Head?


About a month ago, my wife tripped while hiking and hit her head. We went to our Emergency Department and they did a CT scan, which was “clean.” Other than an occasional headache, my wife feels fine. Is there a time when we can stop worrying?


The CT scan that was done in the Emergency Department is helpful because it showed there was no bleed in your wife’s head (hemorrhage) that would require surgery. That being said, most of the time after a concussion — or mild brain injury — a CT scan does not show any evidence of injury and yet some people may continue to have symptoms related to the concussion. The injury to the brain in a concussion is generally to the neurons and axons that are microscopic and therefore not seen on CT scan. Symptoms can be broken down into four categories:

  • Cognitive issues, including memory and concentration
  • Sleep issues, including too much or too little sleep, drowsiness, and difficulty falling asleep
  • Physical issues, including headaches, decreased balance, dizziness, impaired vision, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise
  • Emotional issues, including irritability, sadness, and nervousness

Many symptoms from mild traumatic brain injuries resolve themselves with some time and rest and it seems this is the case with your wife. However, if her headaches do not continue to improve, if they are limiting your her function, or if they worsen, it would be appropriate to take her for a re-evaluation by your physician.


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Yes, see a doctor. It's your head & brain, which happen to be pretty important, right! My advice here is; better safe than sorry.

Omg yes

yes go to a doctors

Yes go see a doctor

I hit my head on a low hanging tree that fell, it hit the top of my head. I have been having an extremely painful headache about 4 hours after. Should I do something?

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I hit my head about a month ago but there is still a lump it dosent hurt as much as it did when it happened but if i put hard pressure it does
What should I do?

I hate to be captain obvious here but chances are good, Lilu, that the injury has not fully healed yet. If it is sore, kinda like a bruise feels when you push on it, then, well, don't push on it. Wait until it is fully healed to resume pushing on it. Hope that helps

What if you were hit numerous times in the head, sometimes really bad?

What if you were hit in the head many times? Or if I was? Sometimes really bad? Humm...Where the blows to the head all at once or over a period of time? What is considered to be "really bad"? How many times were you struck? Who or what hit you?

About a month ago i was at the lake and my jet ski tipped over n hit my head it was not hard but hard enough that i was sick and head ache for 4 days felt great but head was still sore. month later and now more head aches over my eye is black n blue light hurts my eye and real moody dont sleep..what should i do

You sir should really really go to the doctors

Yup. I second that

I missed a step in the room in motel in Mexicoand hit my forehead pretty hard. I had a bump which later went down but had swelling above my eye briow It is still sore to the touch and have a black eye which started the next day. That was Saturday and I came home Tuesday. This is Wednesday and it seems to be getting better everyday except the black or purple eye has spread some. I'm not having any symptoms so should I go to the doctor after this long

Doesn't really answer the question.

If you had a mild concussion and in the middle of healing you pass out and hit your head should you be worrreid of SIS?

A couple months back .I hit my head on concret. And a month later I started having bad headaches .I went and saw the doctor .they put me on meds for the headaches. But they are not working. They did a ct scan on my head. But the headaches are getting worse. All I want to do is cry.

Hi, I hit my head in a bike fall and started having bad headaches Neurologist said I had migraines and recommended migraine medication. I was afraid to take the medication but after months migraines I finally went to a chiropractor and I was shocked at how effective it was. 6 months later and I have only had one headache. Try a chiropractor and acupuncture - I did both and it helped me a great deal.

I hit my head lst night in a fall, Seem okay but today I suffer mostly from neck and upper back which tells me I must have whiplash. I went to see a chiropractor this morning and i feel a lot better, he checked things out and seems I hurt my neck in the fall also. couple of advils help also. I'll se in a couple more days. Should I be worried?

This Nov. 6, it will be 15 years since my accident of being hit by a car while walking across the street. They diagnosed me with a mild concussion that night and sent me home from the hospital. The next day I woke up unable to speak 3 letter words, migranes, trouble processing thoughts, and much more. It has lead to a life long learning about my new Normal and a grieving of my old self.

A mild brain injury is nothing to ignore. If it does not go away, do not let them make you think you are crazy. You are not! I know you have lost confidence in yourself because I did too. If you have a friend or relative who can go to the doctors appointments with you, take them. It helps.

I was at work and I bent down to get something and when I came up I smashed the top of my head on the metal bar the attched to the stairs and I went to the hospital and they said l do have concussion so I have been off work for a week do you think I should be off more time