Abby Maslin: Staying Present in the Face of Ambiguous Loss

"Ambiguous loss is about learning to live with lots of uncertainty and learning to live with different goals."

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My husband suffered a severe TBI in July of 2010, and has aphasia. After 3 1/2 years, the aphasia is not much better than it was just after the injury. I know exactly what you mean about Ambiguous Loss. When I try to explain this brain-injured version of my husband, I tell people "It's just like him...only different." I miss talking with him so much; we had wonderful communication.

I agree..completely. my husband and bestfriend of 35 yrs suffered tbi in 2005. We had been inseperable since age 13. And now. I get pieces of that man i miss so much while handling all of the effects of an unpredictable person thats very different at any moment. The isolation, the everything. God hold us all in his hands..caregivers and victims and their families.