Harvey Jacobs, PhD

Harvey Jacobs
Psychiatrist / Behavior Analyst

Harvey Jacobs, PhD has a long history of serving people seeking opportunity who are challenged by disability following neurologic, psychiatric, developmental, medical or physical impairments. Throughout his career, Dr. Jacobs has worked on-staff, in administrative roles, academic positions and as a consultant to numerous facilities (medical, rehabilitation, community, assistive living programs and nursing homes) in the United States and abroad.  

Dr. Jacobs’ current interests include behavioral rehabilitation for neurological, psychiatric, medical and developmental disorders; brain injury; severe behavior dysfunction; rehabilitation outcomes research; vocational rehabilitation; family systems; staff training; and community integration. Throughout his practice, Dr. Jacobs has worked with diverse ages, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. He has a special interest in organizational and systems management relative to developing and operating comprehensive programming in both business and clinical settings.    

He is also a partner in Lash and Associates Publishing/Training which creates practical educational and training materials for care providers, direct care staff and other people assisting people who experience disability.