Traumatic Brain Injury Basics

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An SUV hit me in 2013, which is I got my TBI. I'm expected to make a full recovery, which is more than great. I definitely count my blessings, but it gets frustrating when I try to sleep at night and my back hurts, or it gets difficult to breath. Sleeping in the basement seems to the trick for now, but I feel like the doctors, etc isn't taking me seriously. I've gone to specialist after specialist and had scans done, and nobody has an explanation or a remedy for why it's so difficult for me to sleep or lie on certain surfaces.

I hit my head on a pole and my symptoms are weird. The main thing is I'm tired of feeling tired and weak plus the headaches I have burn and I have bad muscle twitches. I've hit my head before and only had bad headaches but this one feels different like the nerves are shot. My symptoms are unexplainable at times and confusing. Ive been depress because of the injury but I'm hoping there's suck thing I can be on meds for bad nerves?

I'm 14years old and i suffered a tbi after i was in a car wreck on a school field trip and our vehicle rolled. And i was ok but now it feels like im losing my mind im just scared

My boyfriend was on a fight and due to the fight he now has almost half of his skull gone because of swelling. He is also completely blind from them swelling pushing on his optic nerve. I have been researching but haven't come up with too much. I am wondering if the swelling goes down can the optic nerve be un pinched and he regain his sight? He's such a wonderful person to have to go through such a horrible thing. I want to b able to tell him he will be able to see again it breaks my heart to look at him and talk to him. Then him not even being able to see me. :(

My brother has a TBI. He got hit by a car when he was 12 riding his bike. I was the only one who saw him get hit. He flyn 50 feet in the air and landed on his head with no Hemet on. Don't know if the helmet would of helped. anyway that was 23years ago about 10years ago I started taking care of him. I love him he is so smart he can walk talk everything his main issue is his temper and outburies. His doctor said he should be admitted to change his medication to help with his outburst. Now hospital has committed him and completed sedated him he is so sedated he can't even write me a letter I begged the judge not to commit him and let him go home but he wouldn't I feel helpless. This is the worst place for my brother its a state inst. all he does is walk up and down the halls all day. I want him home ASAP. They are destroying my brother

I have a "moderate Traumatic Brain Injury" resulting from a triple rollover car accident in 2003. I was not diagnosed until 2007 after I lost my job as a university professor. I also had PTSD from finding my husband after he killed himself with a shotgun six months after my accident. I have had nearly every symptom that can come from TBI including vision problems, anger, acquired dyslexia, losing time, memory issues, sensitivity to light and noise, neuropathy, incontinence, confusion and massive depression as well as many others. It has taken me ten years to understand how impaired I have become. Often you are not aware of many issues that arise. I have retained my basic intelligence and learning but I have serious problems learning new things such as running a cash register.  I have lost every job that I had since I left the University because of the TBI. People were disdainful to me, they did not believe me and they thought that I was erratic, irresponsible and stupid.  Old friends and fellow professors avoid me sometimes. I have had problems with anger, confusion, obsession, and paranoia. I was lucky enough to receive a regimen of medications which has really helped with many of the effects of the damage. It has been a very hard road for me, my income shrunk 95% in the year after I was dismissed from my teaching position. I have to check my work over and over for errors and tasks take a lot longer to complete. It is very hard to have any self-esteem when you work as a clerk in a pet store and cannot run the register, then people treat you badly and avoid you because you are different.  I have learned a lot and have a great deal of empathy for other sufferers of TBI as well as other mental health and cognitive disorders. Vocational Rehabilitation was a very helpful resource for me and I highly recommend it.

I am the caregiver of what was to be my husband exactly two months after his TBI. Thomas fell down the stairs at our home falling 18 stairs to a concrete slab with hardwood flooring striking his head on the newel post and crushing the left side of his skull in being unconscious immediately. With this long out, he cannot walk, talk, eat or care for himself and I am grateful to still have him. He is my life, my love and my joy. There are no resources or facilities in our area to help him. The home health agency says that I take such great care of him that there is no need for them to come to assist me with any help except for physical therapy two times a week. He is not to a place that anyone would accept him to a rehab so I do it at our home. There is a lot of sleep for him and tears for me, I miss what we had but I am blessed with what I have. He had no health issues before this and I am grateful for that and I think that is what makes this so painful/stressful. I wish he could tell me in some way if he is hurting, hungry anything!

In 1991 I was nearly killed by friends of mine in a candy store. One took a shoot at me with a 45caliber, while the other hit me with a bat. People stood around watching as this went on. I have a great issue trusting people over this and i am down on myself for the way I look now. Prior to this accident I was a handsome well like person with many friends now i have know one but my wife and child.

May everyone feel better for tbi is not a joke karma is a bitch.

I'm always suffering from headache and whenever I go out. I can't see directly to a place because of the sun. It makes my head more in pain. I don't know why.

I am trying desperately to love my husband suffering the vicious aftermath of multiple TBIs. I love him so much and he scares himself but will not admit it. I am becoming afraid for my physical safety.

My husband has a TBI. There is no help in our area, the are not enough counslers to help long term suffers and regular counslers won't wnev see him. He suffers daily. It's been 26 years for him and he will be 50 years old soon. Issues get worse for him every day. No one cares. No one understands.

I am sitting in my bathroom wondering if I can fix this problem with my brain swelling all the time creating seizures and ton of other problems in my life.. Along wth the tremendous pain it brings me it also has brought me alot of emotional problems including relationship issues for both me and my partner whom tries so hard to care for me and be loving and attetive as he can. It is extremly hard on our relationship and I want so badly to fix this, I just dont know what else to do any more I know that I am not crazy and I feel like I am losing my mind. Finding this site has helped me to see that cutting into my own head hoping that this will ix the issue has helped me tremendously so I want t Thank all of you for your honesty and comments they have really helped.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I had a TBI February 2013 in a snowtubing accident where I slammed into a tree and cracked my skull. Had emergency surgery just hours after that happened. As I dont remember anything from the accident or a few days after I can say with approaching a 1 year anniversary as a TBI survivor with as grateful & lucky I am to be alive I feel no one will truly understand what it is like mentally to understand what has happened. We all are lucky to be alive.. we truly are but I can say I never will remember how I looked at life before my accident since life has changed drastically. To strength & to those affected DO NOT give up no matter the moment & feeling.

Michael, 55 yr old. I complained for years about my vision. It was hard to describe, not near or fare sited. On and off trouble, some times like a film, or almost tunnel like. Could see detail great at times, other times none at all. My OT suggested I had a common eye disorder going on after a TBI. I was refereed to a specialist in the field, not a normal eye dr.They do a lot of testing way different then an eye exam. One thing they measure is your eye movement and if they are working together or against one another.  My movement was all over the chart. Found I have peripheral and depth perception issues also. I am now under going an eye therapy program, which I have high hopes for. It was nice to get an explanation and to see all my test results on paper. It showed there is one less thing I was dreaming up and would not just go away. They are a huge help and treat a lot of TBI pt. Feel free to email me with any questions.

I had TBI work accident 20 years ago.  Was in hospital almost two years, losing my speech, balance, memory and my ability to think.  Was like being born again, physically and had to learn everything again, at the age 28 to 30!

Got married age 34 and have two sons aged 13 & 10. Been basically paralyzed on my right side, use my left hand for everything, dressing, eating, even driving the car!!  Yes I drive an automatic car using my left hand to steer and my left foot to accelerate and brake!  Though I still cannot walk unassisted, walk holding a four legged frame.  I can talk now ok, though singing I have lost tone and cannot go high, sing baritone- I'm male!

My memory for the very past is vague, though recent is good and my understanding has returned.   

God is good and we know in eternity life will be perfect "for the former things have passed away" and there will be no more pain.  John 3; 16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but receive everlasting life." 

i sufferd tbi when i was hit by drunk driver 1979 my hubby taks care of me now on september of this year he was hit riding his mopad and we belive he has tbi and im worried he will not be able to care for me and how will i take care of him we notesed changes in memory and he gets upset more easley. we have no insurance he cant work and i dont know what we are going to do i love my hubby we ben married 35 years no one cares or wants to healp juist through stones at us so to speek
what a blessing was to come across this info. I am 58 and had a TBI 10 yrs ago. since I was unaware of what happened in the hospital I did learn that my mom chose not to put me into the TBI rehabilitation Ctr. because she didn't want to drive 15 min. to the facility everyday. Now 10 yrs later I can no longer deal with the rejection of family and friends and not being able to live up to everyone's expectations. I am looking for a rehab facility I can go to before my daughter graduates and has plans to get married. she has bn my caregiver since she was 11 with no help from her older sister or brother as they were married and had families. we briefly went to TBI family support group with my ex husband Lindsey's father. that was 10 yrs.ago. the doctors never found out what caused me to continually black out and wind up in the hospital in ICU. finally I asked my doctor to refer me to Shands where they never discovered what made me black out so much but the neurologist prescribed a new med and I haven't blacked since 2010. it was good for me to read how others with TBI have experienced rejection, frustration, and agitation from friends and family because I could not live up to there expectations. I pray I will be accepted in a rehab facility since it's bn 10 yrs. I trust that God will make a way.
My dad was about to turn 88, a healthy man, lived on his own and was driving back from getting groceries when a bat out of hell lady came out of a driveway and pushed him into the ditch. His air bags exploded and he was knocked unconscious. Went to emergency and released many hours later. No one noticed at the time but after that accident he did not know any of us in his family. He didn't remember raising us or what it was like being the great loved father he was in our family. A few months after the accident I brought him to live with me and have tried to help him in all natural ways to get better. He is 90 now and still takes his walks and goes up and down really tall stairs for exercise. I look up info on the web for whatever his blood work results say he is off in. Low thyroid, low hemoglobin, etc, and try to give him foods that help in those areas. Just got a juicer and now making thyroid tonics from fresh veggies and fruits. Trying to keep his ph balanced and inflammation down. He takes no medications at all and just eats good and drinks green tea and juices, aloe vera and natural calm. His memory is interesting and I observe how sometimes he remembers what happened yesterday and a week ago and few times when he seems tired, he can't remember an hour ago. He sleeps as long as he wants at night (around 12 hours) and naps all day, if there's nothing else to do. His Dr at the VA wants to get him on thyroid meds for energy, but he doesn't really want any energy at his age. He moves a little slowly but hardly ever has stumbles or falls. His thinking and reasoning is way off from the highly intelligent dad I remember, but I want him to exercise his brain by reading, which he refuses to do. I wish there were brain exercises for elderly people to flex their mental abilities. God has been good to us, kept him alive through WWII, which are the memories he has that are as fresh as yesterday. He still can't believe he is as old as he is. I think, in the accident he lost the part of his memory right after the war. But when I jog his memory about certain things, sometimes he does remember, if I keep on bringing up descriptions of events or objects to see if it triggers something, it DOES help. Also green tea helps! Thank you for all your information!
Hi Michael. I am a 55 yr old assault victim. 3 blows to the base of my skull ( brass knuckles in his possession upon arrest). I suffered a cerebral contusion 10.05.2013. I thank God for this site > informative and comforting, I don't feel so alone. Depression just hit me a few days ago. Prior to that, I'd see something sad, but would encounter a delay in crying 7-8 hrs later? Wow! I zone out, without notice, always feel dazed and tired. No agression, just agitated because loved ones expect "the norm." Vision issues as well. My Doc says time. I hope she's right. Thx again for this informative article & site.
hi rob here had brain injury 35 years ago I get withdrawn and suffer bad depression worst thing for me is people don't understand and that include's family and friends they think I'm looking for attention god has been my friend through the lonely years and saved my life god bless all
Hi I am 22 years, old and my 25 year old brother (now 26) was hit by a speeding cab in February 2012 and suffers from a severe TBI. Over a year later he is onto his 4th hospital, has said a few words, but is still unable to really talk, walk or eat on his own. He has always been able to recognize his family, for example if we say point to Katie he will, or if I write a date he will point to me knowing it's my birthday. But he keeps getting seizures, which I know he will be prone to the rest of his life. The seizures keep setting him back, he'll take weeks to recover and each time he looses all the progress he has made. If anyone has some insight, experience, support, please email me at My brother is my best friend in the world and I am trying to help him in any way possible.
My 12 year old son had a severe TBI, the day before school ended in 2012. He was hit in the head when he was up at bat. We were told if he didn't have his helmet he wouldn't be with us today. We are going on 10 months now and he has short term memory loss, unable to understand sentences that he never had a problem with. He has constant eye pressure and headaches. He was such a popular boy and now none of his friends are around for him any more. It is so hard to see him so depressed, frustrated. It would be great if there were support groups for my son as well as for parents.
i was 3 when my first brain injury happened i was bit on the head by a pitbull/rotrieler and i was coherant the whole time but his teeth did puncture my brain plus an artury in my neck i had a drain tube in my head for two weeks...then when i was thirteen i jumped a BMX bike and my head was the first thing the slammed into the ground and it slammed into the only rock in the landing i felt woozy but coherant the whole time but after that i changed my personality my anger everything its gotten alot better but i am currently trying to work on patience and listening skills im trying to look pass all the lies ive told be the a honest person bby accepting whats happend to me and yea im slowwer then others butim no weaker and i knw i can conquer anything i put my mind to well atleast try
My son was in a MVA a week before his 18th birthday. He went over a bridge about 15 ft high. He was ejected through the window and layed in cold running creek water on a cold night in March of 2009 with our pickup truck on top of him. He layed that way for 2 hrs before he was found. He shattered his neck tore alot of scalp off. He know has c4-c7 cervical fusion and is in constant pain. I was told if he lived that he would be a quad on a ventilator. He is not due to the cold water keeping the swelling down. He did in exchange almost die of hypothermia. He said he only felt cold water on the back of his head (was paralyzed from neck down). He eventually got everything back. Still has neuropathy in his hands. he was never mentally the same and one day told me he time travels to another world with"them" and they left him and he just wants to come home. He was sitting at my kitchen table at the time. Had periods of delusions and was hospitalized twice. last time he got aggressive.. He is like a stranger in my house. Has short term memory problems, organizational issues, age regresses when I have to correct as I would a 5yr old (he's 22)and acts and talks inappropriately. My daughter is now 19 and she "misses her brother". She told me she disowns him. Can't get past the acceptance stage. I need to get him help and don't know where to turn. He spends every day in the house and has no friends anymore. Was a very popular kid who every one loved to be around. He is depressed and has no motivation to do anything. He sees evryone else carrying on with life and he's going nowhere. He should be graduating College yhis May. I want him to not feel inferior and do something with his life...even if it's just to volunteer. He is on Social Security and has no concept of money. He can never lve on his own and I worry what will happen when we aren't here anymore. He isn't stupid ..just has processing problems. Thinking some kind of cognitive therapy is in order
My 85 year old husband fell down our steps. He was on blood thinners and his entire brain was covered in blood. The hospital told me that he would not survive. This happened on 11/24/2012 he has been in six acute centers and is slowly getting better. He is scheduled to go to a sub-acute but he is in a stage where he is confused and gets very angry. He has slapped PT and nurses. Before he was gentle and had never laid a hand on a woman.will this stop as his brain heals more or is there any way to deal with it. The neurologist said that his brain should be healed in 6 months and she expects a total recovery. I just don\'t know how to help him now.
I was 3 when my birth mother threw me into a protruded corner of her apartment, which split my head open above my eyebrow, I am now 32 and have fire running down the left side of my face, my scar (which is a hole in my head covered with skin) is always sore, and I wake wth blood on my pillow and often when coming out of the shower I seee blood running out of my nose. I have intense pressure in my left had side of my skull the side the injury almost 3 decades ago happened. No doctor can explain or takes the time to help me with this. Would a neurologist me able to tell me whether there is further injuries happening because of the growth from the injury happening? I am so unsure of what or where to go for help. I have had an MRI to see if there were any tumors, but no. I am slowly forgetting things too, I am extremely educated, and have a demanding job, but my concentration is everywhere else.
I am new to this, my husband suffered a serious TBI during a motorcycle accident this last summer, while the doctors said we shouldn't be concerned with long-term brain injury, I suspect they were more concerned with motor-skills and not the personality changes which cannot be seen on a CT scan or x-ray. Why do doctors not discuss this? Why do I feel like I am doing my own research where there are so many with this issue? Thanks for listening, even for just a moment.
Neurofeedback can have a substantial impact for those with TBI. Check out EEGinfo.
I was hit by a car in 1961 and was told by my doctor that I wasn't going to remember my parents at the time. Then during my school years I had such a difficult time with school work that I would try so hard to memorize every word just so I would pass my test. Even now it's very hard to get out into words what I want to say. I have always used my looks to get where I needed to be . Now I'm realizing that maybe this is all due to my head injury . I have a difficult time staying focus. Can't remember what I have read most of time, can't carry conversations with groups of people, never received my high school diploma . I tried to take a GED test and failed. I did see a neurologist and was tested, did have low test scores. There was no follow ups due to no coverage. That was six years ago. I have been reading up on TBI , wow! I never really gave this a thought. I always thought maybe I did have a learning disability...and yes it can happen. My thinking is very different that's for sure. Now that I'm getting older I'm noticing cognitive problems, memory, can't get words out right, It's hard now a days to get help. So now I'm thinging on applying for disability and that I have to prove to them That I have TBI . That maybe difficult.
I am going through a TBI now with my fiancee. On October 12, 2012 he fell down 16 steps at our home and has had 2 surgeries the first 12 hours for bleeding on the brain. I am researching anything I can find on this horrific accident. He has only squeezed my hand a couple of times and the nurse once on command. He can move his left side, when he wants to, does move his right arm, leg and toes. He yawns, stretches and has been removed from the vent only has a teach. I have not left him and do not plan on doing so and I keep talking to him. Can anyone give me a time frame on this? I am not sorry, I miss him.
My wife and I was shopping at Costco's when 4 washing machines fell 2 of which fell from around 30 feet from the highest wrecking, where 8 washing machines was stacked and overhanging. She was hit by the falling machines and thrown 10 feet away out of my arms with blood coming out of her mouth, I thought that was the end of my life, I ran to comfort her but she had no reactions for a short time and finally open her eyes but could not say nothing. She fractured 3 vertebrae’s and bruises to her head and chest. I believe that she has TBI but the defendant’s expert witnesses say that she has dementia rather than the cause of the accident. The NHS failed to recognise that my wife had received a brain injury even though she had bruises to her head. My wife was not offered any rehabilitation in 2003 at the time of the accident, she was offered rehab in 2006, by then I did not trust the NHS any longer to put my wife in their hands. Till today my wife still has not received her compensation for her injuries and the cost of surviving in society. It is disgraceful that consultants and expert witnesses work in the interests of insurance companies, and may I add corrupt legal and judicial system protects the huge corporations that run our society. Pleading to our MP Andy Love to resolve our problems releasing my wives compensation to survive.
Was just doing research on concussions and found this. My daughter was an athlete and had numerous concussions during her college career. After one last hit her senior, she was sent to a specialist and he stopped her from playing. She had already suffered considerable damage. It is 12 years later and she has constant problems - headaches, not thinking clearly, etc. She recently had mutiple stresses in her life and went into deep depression. She is now in therapy for the depression and in rehab for the TBI's she received. She has been successful but her job now is at risk as she has not been able to return 100% to her job. I am frightened as to what her future holds - does it ever get better or is this going to be something that will continually get worse. She is in her early 30's and has so much life to lead.
In 1979 I was shot through the frontal part of my head by a 22 pistol. I was in the hospital for a while. Now at 42 I am dealing with issues along with nerves not being numb anymore. I try my best at dealing with them but could use some help.
My son who is now 21 had an accident on a quad this past october and was left with t.b.i., broken back and neck, unable to speak or walk. I don't know where to go for guidance or help. If anyone can guide me or send me info on anything please contact me at God Bless!
when I was a young teenager,i remember not feeling well,next thing I knew,I could not recognize objects around,I found it extremely stressful not being able to put a name to objects and what there purpose was,within a few hours, my condition returned to normal,to this day I don't know what caused it,virus?
I fell down the steps of my mother\'s basement when going after her cat. I fell on my right side and bruised the left side of my brain from the impact. I stayed in the hospital for 50 days and am now home learning how to live again. I have long and short term memory loss. I recognize people I have known all my life but I have to ask their name. My family has to repeat everything over and over. Some of it sticks with me but most of it does not. Even though I recognize objects and people, I cannot always call them by name which is frustrating. I get my words mixed up. I am in pain with daily headaches, dizziness, gait and confusion. I know who I used to be and feel like I am trapped inside of someone else\'s body as my head feels like it is sitting next to me instead of sitting on my neck. I am thankful to God and feel I have some sort of purpose but cannot imagine what it could be at this moment in my life as I do not feel like doing anything. My wife is typing this for me as there is no way I could begin to pick out the correct keys to type this. I hope one day I will be able to come back to this page with a better story but at this time, I am going through alot. Good luck to all suffering with this. Thanks to my family as I feel like I have a great support system which is the reason I am doing so well.
i had a tbi from an accident in 08. this past july i had surgery for a tumor in my right parietal lobe. i have had extensive theerapy these 3 years, and want to know if this tumor is relevant to the tbi. it was not discovered until 3/08 and the craniotomy showed a bloody mass when removed???? no cancer in the pathology, thank god.
I had a TBI in 1997 after being hit by a car. Thank god I am not paralyzed. five brain cells died.I lost about forty percent use of my right side because the injury was on the left side of the brain. I cannot recognize a quarter if it was put into my hand if i did not look at it. I get dizzy when standing at times. I still drive a car with no problem, but I had to give up my job as a bread delivery driver. I still can lift my younger grand children up. I visit a neurologist every four months. I read about new ways to get brain cells back, but they are not realistic. Life still goes on and I enjoy it, especially when I see how close I came to being fully impaired.
thank you for helping me i was learning about it and this helped alot thank you
My husband went into sudden cardiac arrest one night. I did CPR for 20 minutes before EMS showed up. He later had a heart attack while being wheeled into the emergency room....He has no reccolection of the two weeks prior to heart attack or about two weeks after. This was 2 years ago. His personality changed so drastically. He became engulfed in TV and spent money wildly. He poured himself into religion and began to holler at me all the time. He was very forgetful. This was NOT the man I knew. A therapist I know casually mentioned TBI to me ands said his symptoms were typical but nowhere can I find information on how to convince him that something is not right....
For my TBI and my young nephew's TBI the best thing I did to correct the symptoms was Brain State Technology. It helped on all levels of problems (such as PTSD and memory and speech and writing) I had for 6 yrs. My nephew has it from a fall for 11 years and is now recovering. Also Atlas Evolution was another technique for migraines and headaches for both of session and they were gone after years of suffering. Also The Results System for transposed brain symptoms with Rick Seivertson over the phone. There is help beyond doctors that works and is not so expensive and fast. I even got rid of a seizure disorder I had for 42 years and dropped meds I took all that time doing Brain State Tech. Please don't give up as there are answers out there and you just have to ask life to direct you as I did. Often I felt like it would never end. Then I would find the right treatment and feel like the miracle wonder that I healed so fast and easily. Hope this helps in your journey to recovery. I wish you all the best.
I have a history of remote head injuries and in 2008 after i fall, it was discover, that I had a tumor in the front of my brain.During my ordeal my Service was allow3ed to stay with me.Please, check out my story. My dog, Henry Miller died with me at his sided on march 26,2010; He died eleven months after my operation that took place on 4/3/2009. There is another story which is called "Inner Circle". For this story, please go to I hope whoever read fhese, I say enjoy. Now I have adopted another dog who will under go training to become a true Service dog. Manish Aghi is a 14 month puppy who was named after my doctor. Manish Aghi. Thank You. Anaperla. " The Healing Power of Pets" found at
I have had multiple catistrophic dirt bike crashes and at the time I was to proud and macho to take the time to go to the er. One of the crashes was so bad I broke my helmet. I am married now and I suffer from NON-stop headaches, Chronic insomnia and as tough as i think I am, I feel the wrecks are taking a toll on me mentally. I no longer enjoy things i used to love. I am consumed by pain and frustration because I have been to over a dozen doctors. Most are idiots and just think I\'m depressed so they push anti-depressants on me. I gave them a try, and I do mean all, but the side affects of those meds tend to aggrivate the problems I\'m trying to fix. If you are a young man and are reading this don\'t always feel like you have to rise to the challenge. I loved the rush I got when I climbed a monster hill or mad a huge jump, but because i chased that rush i now am suffering the consquences. My married life, my work and simply my state of mind are all a mess due to the battle I fight daily. If someone calls you a wuss or a chicken for not wanting to try something dangerous that is not up to your skill level, WALK away! If i could go back and change anything in my life it would be those collisons with mother earth that I so vividly remember even though they were over 6 years ago. All I do is pray for Gos to relieve me of the misery I am in. I believe he will heal me of my alligments in his time. Lord knows these doctors don\'t have a clue about how to help. Just remember this, whatever mountain or hill challenges you, that challenge will still be there if your instincts tell you your not ready. I made the mistake of ignorning those God given instincts. With age and counsel from God comes wisdom!!
I found this information to be very interesting. I've had two brain hemorrhages.
Thank you! I am in high school in biology 30 and I am trying to learn more and study about the brain and what can happen and this really helped!! I LOVE these kinds of websites! :)
thank u 4 the tbi info it was very helpful. my cuzn had a tbi. he is much better thank GOD for JESUS' wounds. praise the LORD...
its useful for my project work as am a audiologist
Thanks, even us stroke people can learn from your info. Gary Schaaf Huber Heights, Ohio 45424