The Most Helpful Thing Someone Has Done for Me Since My Brain Injury Is...

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My friend Raymond has an amazing insight about my brain injury and knows my financial situation. He owns his own construction company. My mom got me a mobile home to live in and he has used his knowledge to turn it into a real home. I call it my palace...and both of them did it out of love for me.
My hair was a mess from laying on it for six months that a friend took two hours to cut my hair, because the pain was so intense that we had to keep taking breaks. ~Gaia
Struggling with my husband's marital infidelity throughout our 38 year marriage is causing me greater stress with the short term memory loss resulting from my brain surgery in 2001. How can you help me after I've left him 6 or 7 times, only to return because the task was too complicated. Please help me!! I appreciate your support very much. Thank you. C. Wilson Brain Tumor Survivor
Love me through all the healing and craziness of my recovery. That person would be my daughter, Erin,my best friend.
Called me and invited me to social events when I felt like isolating......Learned about brain injuries and made sure the social events were ones I could handle - not loud places with too many people.
My husband took care of me...
Been patient,understanding & have stayed with me still today.
This happened to my very good friend....All I do is to be there for her whenever she calls if I can..She is a very sweet person...
Loved me when I couldn't love me.
treated me like I\'m a person of worth not brain damaged.....
Transported me to Doc appts. near, far and way far Went to doctor\'s appt.\'s Asked questions of doctors Stayed vigilant and concerned helping me remember Helped me keep organized Showed a lot of patience Vigilant while I was in the hospital Vigilant in prayer Supported my Mother, Father, brothers and sister Gave suggestions to me never pushed them on me allowing me to make the decision Spending time Helped me with paper work Included me in her family Let be me My best friend Never gave up on me Luved me just the same before and after Thank you Carol Kevin
My husband stayed married to me. Melody
Excepting me for who I am today. And asking questions that you really want my honest answer to. BELINDA
Doesn't get annoyed when I ask to help remember things!
All of the above and beyond and of course the unconditional love.
Drove me where I wanted to go.
One of my friends brought me a hairdresser. That meant so much as my hair after surgery was, to say the least, a mess. I have short curly hair usually, after surgery it looked like a two year old had given me a haircut. It grew and grew and was driving me crazy, my sweet friend brought her cousin to cut it and make it MY haircut again.