The Most Helpful Thing Someone Has Done for Me Since My Brain Injury Is...

The Most Helpful Thing Someone Has Done for Me Since My Brain Injury Is …

TBI defined by the people who are living with it ...

BrainLine asked our online community to share the most helpful thing someone has done for them since their brain injury, and the list below captures some of the many responses so generously provided by people with TBI.

Every individual’s experience with traumatic brain injury is unique, but there are many common symptoms and emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, and anxiety may be accompanied by difficulties with memory, pain, and the challenges of maintaining relationships.

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Let me be myself without judgment.
– Deb

Exercised patience.
– Thomas

Loved the new me!
– Kate

Stayed my friend, accepting that I'm not the same as I was.
– Darla

Let me talk! Listening is important!
– Anonymous

Been patient with me when I was going through the worst of the depression and moodiness.
– Amy

Understanding that I might not have a whole lot of impulse control at times. .
– Amy

Taking up the slack when I needed it while still allowing me to be a full-fledged adult.
– Amy

Take the time to learn about my difficulties and learn how to best help/advocate for me.
– Kimberly

Took care of my 2-year-old so I could have quiet time at home.
– Amy

Called me and asked to have lunch just to check to see how I was doing.
– John

Offering me their guest-room to lie down in during dinner parties at their home.
– John

Having a friend, just being with me for a long weekend, just because they cared....and when it was time to say goodbye they hugged me, and long after I thought the hug should have ended, they just kept holding me until I stopped crying.
– Buster

Made an effort to learn about brain injury.
– Amy

Remind me of things I forgot.
– Marc

Don't try to "fix" me.
– Sonja

Gave suggestions to me, but never pushed them on me, allowing me to make the decision.
– Carol

Show me kindly a new way of doing the same task more efficiently.
– Naomi

Posted on BrainLine August 27, 2013.

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Excepting me for who I am today. And asking questions that you really want my honest answer to. BELINDA
Doesn't get annoyed when I ask to help remember things!
All of the above and beyond and of course the unconditional love.
Drove me where I wanted to go.
One of my friends brought me a hairdresser. That meant so much as my hair after surgery was, to say the least, a mess. I have short curly hair usually, after surgery it looked like a two year old had given me a haircut. It grew and grew and was driving me crazy, my sweet friend brought her cousin to cut it and make it MY haircut again.