A Guide to Neuropsychological Testing

Jeffrey Kreutzer, PhD and Victoria Powell, PhD, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Virginia Commonwealth University
A Guide to Neuropsychological Testing

Many people who have a brain injury undergo psychological testing, a specialized evaluation method. In this article, we describe the purpose and procedures involved in testing and answer common questions.

Research reveals that brain injury often affects abilities, behavior, and emotions. Commonly reported symptoms include trouble remembering things, thinking of the right word, seeing clearly, concentrating and doing more than one thing at a time (multi-tasking). Academic abilities are often affected as well. People may have difficulty spelling, doing simple math problems, and understanding what they read. Emotional changes may include frustration, depression, and difficulty controlling anger. After a brain injury, you, your doctor, therapists, and family members may want to know exactly how you have been affected. Testing helps answer important questions like:

  • How good are the patient’s memory, attention, and problem-solving skills?
  • At what grade level is the patient’s reading, arithmetic, and spelling?
  • Does the patient need accommodations and a specialized education plan?

On a more global level, testing can help answer questions like:

  • Can a person with the injury:
    • live safely by themselves?
    • successfully go back to work or school?
    • manage their finances or medications safely?
    • drive safely?

Who gives the test?

Neuropsychological tests are given, scored, and interpreted by a licensed clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist. A neuropsychologist is a professional who specializes in understanding how the brain and its abilities are affected by neurological injury or illness. Psychometrists are professionals specially trained in giving and scoring tests under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

What should I expect on the day of the testing?

Before your appointment, you will usually be asked to provide records about the history of your injury and what rehabilitation treatments you have had. You may also be asked to give your medical, psychological, and educational history. The neuropsychologist also needs to know which living, work, and educational skills are most important for you now. For example, different jobs require different skills. A teacher may need to be very good at math and reading. A construction worker may need good attention and visual skills.

On the day of your appointment, you and a family member or close friend will meet for an interview with the neuropsychologist. Try to get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast, and take your medications as prescribed. The neuropsychologist will ask questions about your current problems and recovery so far. Testing will then begin.

Usually, testing takes between two and six hours, although some patients take longer. During testing, you will be asked to answer questions, do tasks with pencil and paper, remember information, and possibly respond to questions on a computer. You will be given breaks depending on how you feel and how long the evaluation takes. Afterward, your tests will be scored and the scores will be compared to those of other people the same age and level of education.

The Neuropsychological Report

The neuropsychologist writes a detailed report that includes important information from the interview and tests including diagnostic conclusions. Information will be provided on your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and your emotional well-being. The report will often include recommendations for improving memory, therapy to improve your mood or referral to other rehabilitation professionals. The report will usually be sent to you and your doctor. You may request a feedback session with the neuropsychologist to discuss your results and ask questions.

In summary, neuropsychological testing is an important tool. The process can help you and your doctors better understand your injury and recovery and better plan for you to receive the most effective therapy.

Posted on BrainLine October 27, 2011. Reviewed July 27, 2018.

Written by Jeffrey Kreutzer, PhD and Victoria Powell, PhD, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Used with permission. www.pmr.vcu.edu.

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Will drinking coffee the day of mess up my test results? Also my test will be in the afternoon, should I go to work in the morning?

In the past 4 years i have had 3 brain surgeries and 1 to come soon. I graduated with a 4.0 from college 6 hrs before my first one. Now I can not remember anything, cognitive thinking is gone, I do not function well, I buffer like a computer. My eyes have changed rapidly, and I am under major stress. I am getting divorced and the courts do not understand my i cant recall, lawyer sucks at backing me up. I have lost my house marriage job and now they are trying to contempt me for saying what i thought was true to me at the time in the courts. Help someone please help me figure out how to not want to just end it all. I am about done I am tired. Triennial Neuralgia has been my enemy and is fired up so bad the injections do not help any more but I have to wait until my divorce is final and I am loosing that as well. HELP

My mother has Trigeminal Neuralgia and it has reared its ugly head several times since 1993. She is 94 years (young) and is currently experiencing the jaw pain she suffered from ten years ago. Her doctor feels it is associated with stress, and as an observer, I would say that IS THE CASE. Please hang in there, she takes a pill for it and just exists through it. Hugs to you and I hope your 'attacks' are few and far between.

I'm so sorry! I know your pain and suffering, because you just described my life for 13 years. At year twelve, my husband left me.

PSYCHOLOGISTS WHO MIGHT BE READING THIS? Do you conduct neurophsyche tests? Is there any way you might be interested in conducting in-home neuropshyche tests for mothers trying to do the work of taking care of a household? Myself (before remission of a neurologic condition) and three friends currently suffering from similar symptoms would test drastically differently on such tests in-office vs after doing tasks that a woman must regularly do. These tasks render us unable to function in varying degrees, crashing frequently every day: losing hours and hours with our families: drained of cognitive/executive functioning abilities and mental/physical stamina. Our houses become messes and disorganized, where they used to be organized, and we are blamed instead of helped--all while pushing past what our bodies can handle. The result of pushing so regularly into varying states of the shutdown, because we don't have adequate help, produces traumatic experiences that rise to elevations of causing PTSD.

I discovered this story after suffering for 13 years, going into remission, and later taking care of two individuals who have suffered similarly for over a decade.

Sincerely, Inger Babcock

Got into a spat with my wife on a financial decision in November (she is extremely risk adverse) and I also brought up a long standing family issue involving my 3 children. This all happened when I was very busy during November, December timeframe. I had taken up journaling, daily prioritizing and identifying small tasks to accomplish projects. I was effective accomplishing a significant amout of work and ran a marathon during this period. I had also over the last 6 months became more restrained about voicing my opinions.

The family noted I had changed and needed help. I asked for an MRI and psych test to show I was fine. I did not feel stressed out and felt I was under control. Work was challenging and I would get up at 2 am and work for an hour or two to address issues while ideas were fresh. The MRI and test results came in just fine (well above average) except for a couple of parts of the tests which were average and just below average (I had gone 2 hours without a break and my brain was out of gas for an animal naming test).
The wife and daughter came in with their beefs and sold the psychologist on bi-polar. The wife has sleep issues, doesn't remember things clearly and blows up frequently. The daughter is very negative by nature. The psycholigist would not believe my explanations or look at my journal. Is there anything I can do to straighten this issue out? I feel like the Duke hockey players or Brett Kavanaugh.
The women stick together and psycholigist said she would never change her evaluation. Note, the psychologist is young, does this on Sunday mornings, and her report is very biased (I denied everything and the women stated their concerns. My evidence was tangential and she had to steer me back. In fact, she should have said the patient reported or stated and the wife reported or stated. Keep the report factual. If denied was used, then state the wife alleged. Keep it factual.)
I made a huge mistake asking to get tested.
I did not know I'd run in to a psychologist who does not believe the husband. Who would not print in a report that my work went well, I had completed a marathon and I had done some significant work to finish a basement project before hosting christmas. I should have brought my own witnesses, but it is too late.
Any suggestions? Should I get the actual test reports?

It is unethical that you would be assessed without your informed consent. I would check with my local Psychologist Association.

My doctor has recommended I undergo one of these tests. I have multiple psychiatric conditions. I was wondering if the person you bring with you to the test is allowed to sit with you during it. I would be bringing my mother and my service dog.

I am so pleased that this thread is being read by both sides. And I am grateful for all of the info and insights from both sides. Thank you all!
My recommendations were for rest and reducing stress.
I tried!!
WCB and my employer did not help with that at all.
So much so that my employer would not agree to the work schedule signed off on by my neurologist and I had to go to Alberta Human Rights.
My refusal to follow the proposed schedule of my employer because it did not match my Neurologists recommendations resulted in me losing WCB coverage and loss of 6 hours per week salary.
Even though my case had been accepted by Alberta human Rights.
I know I have yet more fighting to do, however I have a year to fight WCB so am taking some time to really truly have some peace and let my brain heal if it chooses to.
It was not possible to follow medical advice due to it being a WCB thing. I very strongly believe I would have recovered more fully if it had of happened at home. I think that would have allowed me to follow Dr.s advice.
Nothing I could do about that sadly.
I did my best, but it was and is, as if my injury was being taken advantage of, as my ability to think and process quickly has been slightly impaired.

One thing I have to say to some of the Professionals who have read and commented.
I hope that the anguish and uncertainty and outright fear people have told about has had an impact that will make your future dealings with victims more humane and compassionate than some of the professionals you have read about.

Honestly I haven't really gotten that message from your posts and replies.

I hope that doesn't trigger automatic defense replies, that isn't my reason for saying anything , and it wouldn't be helpful.
The common thread I am getting is that we who are looking at a future that is very different from the future we once had need to have our voices heard.
Actually heard.
We need acknowledgment that the issues we consider to be most important are important.
We need support to make the changes needed.

Visible disabilities are treated with a good deal more care and understanding and there are all sorts of ways that employers and society support them.

Perhaps what we victims of brain injury really need are big white bandages wrapped around our heads.

My father fell through a second story floor when we was doing construction. It will be 6 years in November since was he accident. He was in a coma for 5 weeks. He had a subdural hematoma and they performed an emergency craniotomy. He had part of his frontal and parietal lobe removed. We were originally told he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life and be on a respirator and feeding tube for the duration as well. He was 72 at the time of his accident. Well not only did he come out of his coma, within 8 weeks of the accident he was off the respirator and shortly there after the feeding tube was removed as well. They said he never walk again, but he does that too. The problem is that he does not seem to be able to carry out any tasks. He was an extremely active mentally and physically 72 year old at the time of the accident. The brain scans showed that he had the brain of a 40 year old in terms of size when he had the accident. He is quite remarkable. He never had a speech problem after the injury and did not need to learn how to talk. His memory long term is very good most days better than mine. (I’m 49 years old). We don’t know what he’s capable of doing if anything at all because for six year now he just sits up in his office shuffling papers around, saying he’s working and he has so much to do, but he doesn’t actually do anything. It is quite devastating to watch as my mom still honors her husband and ask for guidance from him for every decision that needs to be made regarding there home or financially. This is quite a problem because their house is falling down around them. When my mother seeks his guidance, my dad claims he will look into whatever problem they may be having, but he never does and if she tries to get something fixed on her own, by someone else, he will get angry at her. It is a very horrible situation and we are just at a loss with what to do. She wants to honor him as she feels he would feel even more helpless than he does already, so she does nothing, and so does he. Meanwhile, my siblings and I can’t do anything either as they both won’t let us intervene. Do you think it’s to late for him to get tested at this point? Do you think any rehabilitation could help? We don’t know at what point we need to exercise authority over him. We want to be respectful and don’t want to cause a problem for him emotionally. This is so hard. It doesn’t seem like anyone knows how to navigate this.

How valid is a neuropsych test that was performed on a high-IQ individual without any specific premorbid IQ estimation testing done? Also, how does the doctor account for a patient reporting brain fatigue after a certain amount of time and the test takes place in a shorter amount of time than that? If the testing was longer, fatigue would start to set in and more difficulty would be observed. How does a doctor determine they have a high-IQ patient whose ability should not be compared the mean data of the general population? The comparison to the median may show the performance is “normal” but it’s not normal for the patient, so they are left with a diagnosis of “normal” (regardless of diagnosed physical injuries), no treatment, a brain that is struggling to remap itself, and a life upside-down because the new normal is so different. It is a struggle that is being ignored. Patients are suffering and falling through the cracks, and I’m trying to understand the process of evaluation, because it makes no sense.

Yes, this is so true. I suffer from Neuro fatigue greatly and memory issues.
The test are too short to challenge my issues. These test are ok for working memory though my problem is when the memory gets a few hours to a day old the memories go missing or they get jumbled up. I am also not able to filter out external noise anymore. Most of these test show me to be normal and the two times I did them and did worse than previous because of fatigue incurred before the test I was labled a malingurer. these test are usless for frontal head injury also

These are my concerns as well. As a mensa-level individual, looking at being sent to neuropsych testing, it's scary. I'm finding that after being out of work for over a year r/t primarily cognitive changes, my MDs don't look at my baseline level of function. Rather, they look at the "normal" person and compare me to that. I will be following this to seek clarification (if you get an educated response). Thanks,

Sounds like you're both Dual Exceptional or 2E people with exceptional abilities that help compensate for things like Decision Fatigue (neural fatigue), ADHD (memory failure), or autism (inability to 'tune out' distraction/difficulty in shifting focus)

I am not asking for legal advice. I would like to read something about what responsibility (if any) a licensed Neuro Psychologist has when the diagnosis given is incorrect. I am looking on line but, have yet to find a reference.
I would appreciate any direction you could give. Thank you

I have wanted to challenge my results too. I went everywhere. Did u ever get an answer?

I am very confused. I too was a high functioning person before my car wreck a year and a half ago. I have been seen at a TBI clinic of the VA as a spouse of the vet and struggle with short term memory, fatigue easily, headaches, and cannot function like this in a medical work environment. However, I just had the testing and even though the neuropsych went over my results he said I wasn't making the effort because it was not conclusive. He wanted me to stay in care with TBI clinic. I go to my TBI doctor and he believes because I had a masters degree I unconsciously didn't make the effort in some areas and therefore I just have PTsd. I have stuttered since my wreck with no history or family history but he says it is from anxiety only. My husband knows this is not right as he lives with me. I cried all day long today not caring. I feel like nobody cares and is always passed off as lazy, or not making effort when I really tried hard. Do people get second opinions or just accept it and stay alone forever because I sure am not going to work somewhere that I need recall, stamina and speak without stuttering. Basically I feel stupid, lazy, and all due to stress. I wish someone would help.

Please get an second opinion.

My daughter had a car accident in January of 2018. She previously was a reserved young woman who was going on about her life, and although she had minor issues, after the accident she changed. She became sexually promiscuous, although she claimed she never had sex before. She also started experimenting with drugs, which ended her in jail. I am wondering how much a neuropsychological assessment costs because she needs to have one. Thank you.

8/1/2013 I passed out (vasovascular? Unknown origin) hit my head on a tile floor. This caused a subdural hematoma and I had an emergency craniotomy. My husband was told I had 30% chance of survival and 30% chance of full recovery. I have been working, walking, driving but have noticed more problems such as: saying words out of order, feeling overwhelmed when under stress and ask my family repetitive questions multiple times. After a long work day my eyes have difficulty focusing, I walk like I am drunk, and emotions can be difficult to control. I wonder if neuropsychology testing would be recommended as the neuro surgeon who did my surgery offers this in his office. Advice please

Yes, neuropsychological testing would be beneficial in your case. It would offer insight into which areas of your brain may have been affected by the fall, and how they relate to the symptoms you're experiencing.

Why are questions about sexual activity included in a neuropsychological exam? I'm wondering if the neuropsychologist was just a perv. He asked a LOT of questions.

People with TBI have lower inhibitions which may result in very risky and frequent sexual activities and being taken advantage of by others.

Hi, I'm doing a research paper on Alzheimer's Disease and I was curious about this test. My question is how do you score the test? I would like to use it for my research paper.

My doctor sent me for neuropsychological testing because I am demonstrating most symptoms of adult ADD. I suffered a loss in 1996 that I never recovered from, at least not emotionally. Soon afterwards I was diagnosed with PTSD that manifested in chronic depression and anxiety. I've been on antidepressants since 1997 but never felt "normal". I began to gain a lot of weight and asked my doctor if there was a prescription medication that would kill my appetite and he prescribed Phentermine. Within 20 min. of taking the first pill, I felt normal again. It was like magic. It didn't kill my appetite as much as I'd hoped but I didn't focus on the down side of the med. I was on it for 2 years then he cut off a 90 day refill and called me into his office, telling me that I couldn't stay on the med any longer. My depression was back and I considered suicide. For $11/month, I had my life back and he took it away. He said that if I tested out as ADD he could prescribe it again. The testing took about 6 hrs but I doubt it was accurate as I slept very little the night before. A week after the testing the doctor went over the results. They were not in any clinical or testing form- she had a chart similar to the food pyramid, with + or - for my scores but no numbers. She also had lost one of the tests and asked me to retake it. This was Nov. 9, 2018. I expected the full results about a month later. It is now 1/25/19 and I still don't have them. I think they lost them and I can't dispute the charge on my credit card. Is all this a waste of time? I just want my money back and to find a doctor who will truly listen to me.

Hi everyone,
I am due to meet with a clinical neuropsychologist at the end of the month. I had NMDAR encephalitis 3 years ago which left me in a coma for 5 weeks fighting for my life...(out of the 8 weeks I was in hospital I have no recollection of the first 6!) it’s been hard to get used to the ‘new’ me as I have changed a little (memory,balance,personality) but as a whole people just see me...they don’t see the tired me of not being able to sleep,or the emotional me when I feel low. I think it’s me battling the demons of feeling ‘different’. I’m struggling with the emotional side of it and also the pain side (this is also due to me having syringomyelia which has caused nerve damage to my left side) it can’t be cured and the pain will always be there. Am I going to find this meeting beneficial?! Would love to hear about how you thought your own meetings went etc.

I think you are an amazing woman! You're a true survivor and I'm in awe of your strength and perseverance.
You may find out that memory games and skills on the computer may be useful, especially if you do them for a short time each day. A physical or occupational therapist may be helpful in working with balance and muscles. I'm not sure what can safely be given for pain but you may want to speak with an acupuncturist if regular medications don't help. Find a support group, trusted therapist/counselor and write in a journal to get your feelings out. You may be able to discover your own solutions. Whatever you choose to do, don't stop until you find the help you need. Best of luck!

I am a 56 yr old female and had a neuro memory test, I had a motor cycle accident years ago and just recently took the 4 hr test and the results came back at 0.5%, what is normal.

I just had neuropsych testing done to determine deficits left from 2 strokes. I am 57 yrs and used to be a high functioning manager in the retail business. I used to live in Canada but now I live in the states. At first I was concerned with how the tests would be scored, how could these people know the me I was before my strokes? But after careful thinking I concluded that these tests would rate me on the average person. That's not so bad to be rated that way. They are not people with esp after all. It's not really rocket science either. The testing took 2&1/2 hours with a psychometrist and I have an appointment to go over the results with the neuropsychologist next week. At that time she will make the recommendations as to whether I need rehabilitation, can drive, or what job I am suited for. I pray for all the people I have read comments from but hope they find the understanding about what this testing serves. I will try to remember to post a reply to this comment and let everyone know how my follow up goes.

Work injury. Slowly getting better. My Neurologists said "progressing normally for 10% of the population" Special I am! Now WCB has arranged for testing ,eval and exams and I am scared sh**less! I want to talk to someone about how I feel. We have a hotline through benefits but I am afraid to in case that is read as a bad thing! I am pretty close to retirement and I read online that a concussion at a later stage in life greatly increases the risk of dementia. How the hell would anyone be able to prove that was related? I am still productive and valuable, just have to limit my hours due to the headache and ringing in the ears getting much worse when I m tired. I want to keep working at what I do because I am good at it and love it! I want the opportunity for my brain to heal. If it does it does if it doesnt well then it dosent, But after 3.5 months I dont think it is right to make any final decisions based on my being so special! lol
Sorry for rambling. It feels good to be open and honest.Thanx for letting me vent. And advice or suggestions or encouragement gratefully accepted.

Hi Charlene. I too sustained a concussion and contusion at work. I had to do the neuropsychological testing through workers comp. It is hard to read and I'm guessing my doctor will go over results with me. But I had to be 8 hours in this room with the doctor answering questions and it was so tiring! I didn't think I would make it through the test without falling asleep and I did fall asleep on her. She let me sleep until I woke up, which was like maybe 50-70 seconds. It was a long process and due to the head injury I have depression and some other emotional issues. If you ever want to talk offline I am available to talk. I'm home every day until, I don't know when. Just let me know or send me your email. I hope you are recovering and that is for everyone suffering. God bless you all.

Hello Charlene. In reading this, I feel as though we have been going through the same injury, symptoms and result. I suffered my concussion from being physically assaulted at my job, doing my job. I’ve been out since 12/30/17 and now still suffer same head pain, neck pain, ear pressure, etc...also had all the testing, still waiting on Nuero psych test results. Also had a surgery for a lipoma on upper back that appeared rapidly just after assault. It’sgoing into 10 months. I’ve been told concussions take a long time, a year for some. I’m very concerned that this is it forever. Any time I try to do my normal workload of daily tasks, symptoms worsen and I’m worse all over again. I too am concerned about future susceptibility to Alzheimer’s and even brain cancer as I’ve been told things and read things too. I go to acupuncture twice weekly on wc and I do think it helps but every time I do not go, I’m in pain again. Have you tried acupuncture? If not, investigate it. I’d love to hear back from you, how are you now all these months later?

The problem with TBI is there is no standard protocols in place for treatment. First evaluation, I was told to get a divorce and sweat when I feel stressed. The second was more explanatory yet, like most modern doctors, they want you to take pills regardless of the side effects.
Life changes in an instant. Because no one can see the injury, they assume it is your personality. My case is thanks to a drunk driver.

In response to this part of your comment
"Life changes in an instant. Because no one can see the injury, they assume it is your personality."
I Fully get what you're saying because my partner had a serious brain injury and because I live with him and did so before his accident I can see the changes in his behavior but these wouldn't be obvious to just anyone...maybe to a specialist such as a Neurologist through testing but not to any Joe Blow.
So I understand your frustration and hope live has improved for you.

I know it wont help but I want to offer my sympathy anyhow. Best wishes for a full recovery.

i sustained a concussion at work here in toronto ...., and since then i have headache, dizziness, blurry vision and more ... WSIB, recently, had ordered me to go through a Neuropsychology Assessment. Based on what what i read about all these comments made here by all these unfortunate people, I'm highly scared to go through it ..... Therefore, i wonder how will WSIB treat me, or handle my case, if i were to refuse WSIB's order not to subject myself to this testing ?? Are there any other alternatives acceptable for both WSIB and I ?? I would be sincerely grateful for all timely responses ... !

WSIB is clearly there to help you get back to work. I’ve been there and done it all. You should go to all the tests that they ask you to take. They ultimately will help get you back to work, retrain you for something you can do, or if you refuse to cooperate they can make your life miserable. Jump through the hoops and good luck!

Hi Ski, I'm also in the same situation here in Toronto ... I appreciated reading your comment .... Did WSIB had you take all those tests at CAM-H ...., or you were, instead, assessed & tested by some psychologists /psychiatrist somewhere else? You see, WSIB has just ordered me to be tested by CAM-H and i'm very nervous about it partly because the CAM-H program/testing is funded by WSIB ...., and partly because of some deeply traumatizing stories i heard about CAM-H ... If my family doctor were to arrange and have me assessed / tested by an independent psychiatrist, do you think that would satisfy WSIB? Or, you think WSIB will still insist that i take the CAM-H test/ assessment ? I mean, is there an alternative to CAM-H i can take and therefore comply with WSIB's demand for a neuropsycological test ?? Many thanks again, and i look forward to hearing from you (or from anybody else for that matter) sometime soon

I will be Anybody Else for today only. ;)

I get what you are saying, This last week has been one test after another mandated and done by WCB and traumatizing is exactly what it is. I think the only way to get them to agree to accept outside testing is to get your doctor to understand and help you. They will not go against direct medical advice. They are not stupid people and they know what a liability looks like.

That being said. It was nowhere nearly as bad as I feared it would be. Not even close. It was exhausting and headache inducing, but in a way quite a relief as well. A relief to have it done with and a relief to be able to try to explain what is going on with me. And they seemed to get it! The medical was pretty straightforward, family and personal history, questions about current symptoms (The Dr. didnt want to hear about how I WAS only how I am now, but I insisted in order for her to hear how I AM improving, because for me that is the key to my not giving up ) reflexes, range of motion. that sort of thing. The test for physical strength was very simple. ( I gave them a hard time about some of their tasks not fitting with OH&S guidelines, thankfully he had a sense of humour!) The Psych was actually really good. Started out with my parents and family but then moved to how I am dealing and he was actually complimentary and positive about how I am managing emotionally, Then there was the skills assesment I flat out told the tester that I considered it a waste of time as I have the perfect job for me already and I WILL get back to full time hours but go ahead and test away. It turns out that I am extremely well suited to the job I currently have, surprise surprise. :)

All in all my advice is to just be yourself and be completely frank. I was worried about things that didnt seem to matter. Like not remembering exact sequence of events and such. Thinking they would be suspicious. Instead they reassured me and accepted my limitations. Truly wishing you all the best, not just for the upcoming testing but for a full recovery!

Charlene, many thanks for taking your time to reply. I, indeed, feel much better now.

I wonder if that so-called "skill testing" was actually an IQ test you were subjected to?? As mentioned here on this forum, IQ tests are not scientific. And if (or when) I had to CAM-H assessment, can I ask to skip any given tests -- especially IQ tests?? Thank you so much, again!

It wasn't an IQ test, it was more of a cognitive reasoning thing. I also recommend signing the form necessary to receive copies of your assessment results. They should provide you with the paperwork for that. If not ask at the reception. I haven't gotten mine yet but when I do I should be able to see if there was any negative effect from my refusal to do some of the exercises. I hope not as one of the catch 22 type issues is that I don't have the strength to do any fighting with anyone. And there is no one but me to do whatever fighting might be needed. That is a very difficult place to be and I wish that it could be different. I wish there was an advocate that could help us, be on OUR side. That is why this forum is so important. We have at least got some support! Best of luck, sincerely!

-- Charlene, thank you so much again for taking your time to write -- AND write, you write so beautifully and precisely.
And the good news for me, is that i don't have to go to cam-h after all, as wsib had, finally, accepted an assessment report done for me previously by a psychologist.

Meanwhile, i clearly hear you as to how all alone, defenseless and vulnerable many of us here in the injured workers community are, and yes, this forum, indeed, is very supportive and ease our pain through beautiful, humble members like yourself. And i belive you can receive much more support, hence feel much more enpowered and positive if you were to attend weekley injured workers' gathering (refreshments served) hosted by http://injuredworkersonline.org/ which is located on danforth (just a walking-distance, two blocks east of Pape) where three lawyers and supporting staff members welcome us all and serve us like family members, while they do their best to respond to any legal questions or concerns we may have dealing with wsib issues, or related injury issues, and if necessary, literally advocate for us by their ever fearsome mighty pen and paper ...
Anyway, one more heartfelt thank you to you Charlene, and here's the adrs of Injured Workers’ Consultants Community Legal Clinic (IWC) :

815 Danforth Avenue, Suite 411
(between Pape and Donlands subways)
Tel. (416) 461-2411

Thank you ! I am so glad you had success! I am certain that is an indicator of the future for you!

I have recently been diagnosed with significant brain injury.This has caused me to have various mental health problems and personality changes .I went to have the tests which took approx 7 hours.The person who carried out the tests introduced herself as a Neuropsychologist who is employed by the Health service here in the U.K.The tests were similar to the ones described in this forum.Once everything was completed a man came in and introduced himself as " my psychologist " it turns out the lady who carried out my assessment is actually a student who hasn't much experience. I Could not understand or believe it " I wonder what my test results and the report are going to say and who actually carries out the assessment of her findings. It should be good reading and then I will F.I.B (file in bin) my copy as it won't be correct. Now I'm more anxious than normal

After intensive neuropsychology testing I was so sick that I needed 2 weeks bed rest. It was brutal and I was re-traumatize and victimized. Brutality of assessment and wording I do not have words to describe it.
Good luck to all of you !!!

Thank you for the information!

I was rear ended at a red light as well, although I wasn’t knocked unconscious I have severe whiplash and moderate to sever concussion. I already had PTSD, but I have been able to cope until I was hit. Now I am a horrible mess and I am so angry that I struggle with everyday chores and I have children who need me!! I am struggling so bad and feel I am unable to get out what is in my head so I can get proper help! My psychologist has suggested EMDR for my PTSD which I agreed too but hasn’t happened yet. I am scared but your post made me feel less alone!! Thank you

Very helpful, thanks

i have had somewhere between 15-20 concussions and one complete knockout (out for 15 minutes) playing rugby league for about 10 years since i was 15 . Should i get a brain test ? 

I must say for myself, my neuropsych testing was very beneficial, however I will point out that I am not trying to prove I have issues (to insurance, disability, work or anyone else) I am just trying to determine how best to cope with the issues I have and work around them so that I may find a job which will suit my new normal. The neuropsychologist I work with does not take insurance cases, disability cases or any other case that is trying to prove something to someone (she calls them cases with a "legal" purpose). She only takes in cases that sincerely want help for their own reasons and want to learn how to cope with and maybe improve whatever their weaknesses are and capitalize on their strengths. My testing identified issues with executive control, visual memory and attention but strengths in many other areas. I am now in speech/cognition therapy to try and improve my weak areas and am looking into vocational rehab to try to retrain for a job which uses my strengths and makes minimal use of my weaknesses.

My suggestion to anyone with concerns about an IME or other forced neuropsych testing is get your OWN testing (you, or your insurance, pay the neuropsychologist) and that serves 2 purposes: 1) you get honest, worthwhile, trustworthy results in YOUR best interest and 2) When the IME comes you, or your attorney if that's the case, can argue effectively if their is an examiner, content or other bias built into the IME exam.

The problem you may run into with a wcb or insurance provider is that you are not their client and they will likely get more work in the future from the wcb or insurance company, a lot of work provide the give them good service. It’s just business and they make a lot of money. Insurance companies are not you friend, their profits increase proportionately to the amount of claims they deny.