Brain Injury ID Card

Brain Injury Wallet Identification Card

Brain injury survivors may encounter difficulties with emotions, behavior, and cognitive functioning. They may not be able to control their thoughts, emotions, or reactions. They may be quick-tempered, impulsive, and aggressive. With this in mind, and to help avoid misunderstandings this complimentary, customized, brain injury wallet identification card can be a useful tool for people or families affected by a brain injury.

A person with a brain injury can carry and display this wallet sized card to help avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT and ambulance personnel, and others.

Download and print your own card:

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Posted on BrainLine March 19, 2018.

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Hi do you think I could still use/carry this with me in Australia?

What could it hurt? go ahead and get one. check your state brain injury association to see if they have any.

I do not have a printer

Try your local library. Here in PA, all our libraries have computers and printers that members can access. Copies are 10 cents.

Consider asking your local rehab hospital or local TBI - Brain Injury Support Group to order a bunch in or print a bunch for the group. Ours did.

If you have a smart phone, you can download it to your phone, edit the document with an app like "Write On PDF" and then save it to your phone so you can have it handy to show it if needed. I did that, emailed it to myself, and then printed it while I was a the library one day. It worked nicely! Good luck!

What are the costs for the cards?

Had my TBI over 26 years. Nobody has knowledge about brain injury. Including doctors and lawyers. Until I learned about your firm. Thank you! Breaths a little light into my frustration with doctors and the fact that there is so little awareness.
Thank you.

I had my TBI April of 1996. I was a fantastic hospital when I had mine.