Will I Need to Use Apps for My Brain Injury Forever?

Self-regulation is an important skill and apps like PaceMyDay can be a great tool to learn your own limits and comfort levels. After a TBI this skill is even more important since those comfort levels have likely changed. Some people may find it useful to use an app long term, some people may not need it after a time, and still others may return to its use when changes happen in their life and they need that extra bit of help to adjust.

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Posted on BrainLine April 26, 2021.

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About the author: Michelle Ranae Wild

Michelle Ranae Wild’s is the founder and CEO of Brain Education Strategies Technology (BEST). Her passion is helping individuals living with brain injury and other cognitive conditions learn to use compensatory strategies to gain greater independence. Her entire career, more than three decades, has been dedicated to teaching executive function and self-regulation skills to students in Coastline College’s Acquired Brain Injury Program

Michelle WIld