Who Am I To Stop It (trailer)

A documentary film about isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury. Shot in the Pacific Northwest and co-directed by a peer with brain injury, this film takes you into the hearts of three artists and demonstrates how art can be a bridge back to a sense of self-pride and to the community. The psychosocial consequences of TBI can be some of the harshest and most misunderstood.

Twitter: @WhoAmIToStopIt
Who Am I To Stop it is distributed through New Day Films: https://www.newday.com/film/who-am-i-...

Directed: Cheryl Green, Cynthia Lopez
Produced: Cheryl Green, Cynthia Lopez
Videography: Paulius Kontijevas Audio: Shawn Willis
Editor: Emily von W. Gilbert
Sound Design: Jason Wells
Soundtrack credits: "The Line" by Project 5am, produced by Jason Haye. Used with artist's permission.

Posted on BrainLine April 19, 2021.

Who Am I To Stop It is a fiscally sponsored project of The Hollywood Theatre.