What Is a Team-Focused Approach to Treating TBI?


What is a team-focused approach to treating TBI?


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[Dr. Heechin Chae] I have a team, whether it be a psychologist, social worker, a therapist coming in to assess the specific area of that. Sometimes these people need medications so I have to work with a psychiatrist to provide that need. So as you can see, I feel like in many ways, I feel like a conductor of orchestra. I have these wonderful orchestra members in my clinic and my center, and my job is how to put them together. Believe me I'm not a musician, but I was watching symphonies here and there and I thought of, "Wow I think my role is like that conductor." And that's what I see. I think each patient is like a different symphony or piece of music to understand and to come up with the right instruments to play. Same thing—the right instrument to help this person heal. And I think that approach has been working and does work and will work, and I hope that more providers out there will really embrace that approach, rather than just focusing on symptoms— getting rid of the headaches or getting rid of depression. I think those types of symptom-focused treatment or rehab is bound to fail or bound to not have the most effective outcome.
Posted on BrainLine September 10, 2013.

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