What Is the Role of Motivation in Occupational Therapy?


What is the role of motivation in occupational therapy?


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[Dr. Kristen Maisano] It's an interesting dynamic to try to help someone who may be stuck in their current situation. And it's a lot of therapeutic use of self and saying, "You know what—this is now, but what do you want in the future? Let's focus on the milestones that we can to get where you want to be. Because this is temporary. You will heal. And we will find compensatory strategies that help you deal with what you need to deal with. Now granted we do not always get you to 100%. We might get you to 70; 70 might be your new normal. But what can we do to help you to get to that 70%? And where do we find your motivation? Is your motivation your kids? Do you want to be able to see your kids graduate from kindergarten? Do you want to see them play in their first t-ball game? What motivates you? What's going to give you the drive to put in the effort?" Because TBI rehab is not easy. It is intense. It's not for the weak at heart. We need to dig into what motivates somebody, and what brings out the best in them so that we can then bring out the best in that person and in the person's recovery.
Posted on BrainLine May 15, 2013.

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