What Is the First OT Appointment Like for a Person with TBI or PTSD?


What is the first OT appointment like for a person with TBI or PTSD?


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[Dr. Kristen Maisano] When somebody comes into our office, they may be pretty far post-injury, and they might have been battling this on their own for a significant amount of time. What I usually do is I usually, after we complete the evaluation and I find out what their goal areas are, and I find out what motivates them and what supports them, then I like to kind of sit back and say, "This doesn't have to be like this forever. We can work through this together, and you're not alone. I'm not going to tell you that you are going to be back where you were before I'm not going to tell you I know how you feel because I absolutely do not. But I know that I will be by your side until we get you to a point where you are comfortable and you're okay with where you are."
Posted on BrainLine May 15, 2013.

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