What Do I Tell My Employer?

I had a mild TBI last year and now my employer expects me to work as I had before my injury. I still have problems with fatigue, memory, and concentration but have no visible scars. My doctors classify my injuries as “mild.” How do I explain to my employer that my problems are real?

Posted on BrainLine August 30, 2011. Reviewed March 20, 2018.

About the author: Michael Kaplen, Esq.

Michael V. Kaplen, Esq. is a partner in the New York law firm De Caro & Kaplen, LLP. Mr. Kaplen is a professorial lecturer in law at The George Washington University Law School, where he teaches a course in traumatic brain injury law. Mr. Kaplan serves on the board of directors for the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Michael Kaplen

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I live in WA state, do you have a referral to an attorney who can help me with work related issues I am experiencing?