War Detox: Is This a Cure?

CNN's Soledad O'Brien asks U.S. Army Veteran and Save a Warrior founder Jake Clark if the 5-day war detox program is a cure for the epidemic of veteran suicides sweeping our country.

See inside the life changing sessions:

Transcendental Meditation

Warriors use meditation as a pressure-release valve and find relief from the overwhelming barrage of thoughts many struggle with.

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High-Rope Course

Program founder Jake Clark explains the importance of the course and how it provides a protective factor against suicide.

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Equine Therapy

Horses are like these warriors — they're highly sensitive and don't trust easily. For U.S. Army Veteran Garrett Combs, this leads to a major break-through in his healing.

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Posted on BrainLine November 1, 2016.

Excerpted from “The War Comes Home,” a documentary that follows two veterans of the Iraq war on the brink of suicide as they turn to a five-day emotional boot camp for a life-changing recovery.

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