Veteran Jonathan Warren: Anecdotal Results of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Among Veterans

The Brain Injury Center offers transcranial magnetic stimulation, says Military Director and veteran Jonathan Warren. While not a traditional treatment for brain injury the Center has found it effective for a large portion of their veteran patients. Jonathan can speak from experience

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So the treatment is somewhat unique in the sense that it’s not targeting disorders. And mental health a lot of times we’re looking at well, you have this, this and this. Or you have anxiety or you check these boxes, you’re depression. And you have different approaches for treating that. We’re looking at the brain as an organ much like a cardiologist would your heart. So when you talk about response, the level of response within the veteran community we’re in the high 90 percentile for people who have responded to these treatments. And the Brain Treatment Center also does autism and various things. And there’s not as high response rates with some of the different disorders, because of underlying psychological changes that we can’t affect. But for the most part it’s been pretty universal for helping the veterans. This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.

Posted on BrainLine June 10, 2021.

This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.