Treating Concussion and Co-Occuring Conditions at the Primary Care Level

Family nurse practitioner Helen Coronel describes the important role of primary health care providers in treating both the acute symptoms of concussion and the co-occurring conditions that may continue to cause problems after the resolution of the concussion injury itself.

Concussion is very much a condition that can be handled at the primary care level and should be handled at the primary care level. There is no reason their primary care provider cannot treat concussion. Oftentimes, though, in a civilian population, what you're dealing with isn't an acute concussion. You're dealing with these co-occuring conditions which have been brewing for a long time. And those are much more complex to deal with, but still can very much be dealt with by the primary care provider because it's not very complex. You just really have to sit down, get to know your patient, and then treat them symptom by symptom.
Posted on BrainLine July 15, 2014.