Traumatic Brain Injury: Strategies for Surviving & Thriving

Posted on BrainLine September 30, 2009.

From the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services, the Aging & Disability Services Administration, and the Department of Information Services. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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SO happy I found this video and material. So thorough and informative. THANK YOU

I loved this video. I have a TBI and I am struggling with guilt of burdening others for help and for so long, no clesrvend in sight. I am also struggling with the notion of perhaps not being capable enough as a mom of four. This video gave me a very gentle and push towards acceptance. On the other end, I am amazed by what has been captured in this video. To me it’s excellence lies in the highly complex and varied interpersonal dynamics it presents to us, and so importantly, with a style so simple and universally familiar that many many people will benefit from it on many levels. Referencing my earlier feelings about guilt (and shame) in needing others to change their own lives for me, I love that this video included a professional caretaker with simply s working relationship. That’s a new idea for me, a happy one :)

I was able to remain open to this presentation through to the end, forcing myself to watch people post injury who are now my peer group, and to reap the rewards of that experience. The “experience” was carefully and masterfully managed by the video makers and I’m grateful. I wasn’t hurt once, not once.
Thank you for this. The acceptance stage scares me but this exposure really helped.