Is There a Window of Time for Developing Seizures Post-TBI?

BrainLine talks with Dr. Brian Greenwald about seizures after TBI. The risk of having a seizure is highest during the first week and months after a brain injury and decreases steadily from there. But everyone — and his or her brain injury — is different. Transcript of this video.

Research would show that your highest risk of seizures is certainly within the first weeks after your brain injury and highest also the first year after your brain injury. The risk continues on for some time and probably never reaches zero but becomes very low at about five years post injury. So unfortunately, we do counsel people, I do counsel my patients, that there is some ongoing risk of seizures. But there is no evidence to say that keeping them on a medication will make that risk of seizure go away.
Posted on BrainLine October 1, 2009.